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I'm new to this site and have been living with ovarian cancer for nearly 9 years now. In the middle of my 4th round of chemo now and been struggling with this one.

I have been reaading some of the questions and comments and wondered if anyone can tell me more about using ibruprofen to help keep the cancer at bay. I have read about it before but don't know what dose to take, etc.


Francecsca x

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My wife took ibruprofen as a pain killer but our onc advised to stop using it as it has an adverse effect on the kidneys. I understand some people believe it has a positive effect but we are not convinced.


Thanks for that. I will talak to my doctor too. x


Hello Francecsca,

There is information about a member of this group who takes it at the blog 'I am doing well on ibuprofen to prevent spread of my primary peritoneal cancer which had recurred. Why are there not widespread trials?' by Drdu in December.

All drugs are challenging to the body - the way they work is influenced by the indiviual response as well as a general response. The best that can ever be said is that a drug (or a food, or any substance that isn't deadly) will probably be efficacious, probably not be, etc.

The use of ibruprofen makes sense in that it is an anti-inflammatory and, like anti-inflammatory foods, therefore likely to help prevent spread of inflammatory conditions like cancers. Some people do not tolerate it well, and, because trials have not been carried out (the drug companies are not going to make enough out of a generic drug to make it worth their while), it is not known at what level the benefits might outweigh the potential for harm. On the whole, it is much better tolerated that 'diclofenac' - another non steroidal anti-inflammatory often handed out by hospitals and oncology departments.

However, if it works for you, as it seems to for our fellow 'drdu', it's got to be worth the experiment.

Very best wishes,



Hi Francecsca,

drdu is the best person to ask about this, she has written a very informative blog on it, (but I don't think she has tagged it), you will find her in the directory drdu (top blue/green bar above) she has also mentioned it in her profile, she is a retired GP so knows what she is talking about.....I hope this helps best wishes love x G x


thanks Gwyn i'll look her up x


Hi Francesca. Got message from Gwyn, and have now tagged my blogs, or you can just go into "drdu", ie click on it, and you will find my blogs, and my profile. There are 2 main blogs I did about ibuprofen in December and January, which should tell you everything. I am a retired GP and currently taking ibuprofen 400mg three times a day with food, and omeprazole 20mg daily to protect my stomach, which is essential. But do consult with your doctor/oncologist before starting it. Full info in my blogs.

Good luck.


Eileen x


I was given ibruprofen post surgery/treatment for pain and neuropathy, but no stomach protector (despite asking my GP about it). I ended up with a gastric ulcer and now cannot have any of the NSAID family of drugs. So beware if you decide to follow this regime and make sure your Dr prescribes the omeprozole


Yes, I quite agree. There is a very high risk of a stomach bleed, ulcer, or even perforation if you don't take omeprazole 20mg daily along with ibuprofen.

Eileen xx


Good to see you on the site Francesca. I think you'll find a lot of support and advice from everyone on here. It's a great resource.

Best wishes, Annie


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