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Anyone else having problems with the website?

Is anyone else finding the website is going really slow, and keeps throwing out any comments you are trying to submit? The other day, after finally getting it to work, it put the same comment up 4 times, then wouldn't let me delete the duplicates for about an hour! After having rewritten comments twice and it all disappearing I've given up, which is really frustrating!


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Hi Chris,

Yes I am getting the same problem it is sooo annoying but at least it's not our computer.

Happy New Year lots of love x G x :-/ ;-)


Thanks Gwyn

I was wondering if it was either my iPad or the broadband! Though I haven't been having problems with any other websites! I'm glad ots not just me!

Happy New Year



Try reporting it on the feedback tab on the right of screen. Probably nobody home today though :-( Happy New Year!

W xx


Thanks, I've just done that.....hadn't thought to do that as I wasn't sure if it was my set up!



Hi Chris

I've been having exactly the same problems so it's not just you.

Love Linda xxx


I find they're amazingly fast at sorting out little glitches on this site. The IT guys must be on 24 hour standby which is really impressive over Christmas and New Year - so a thank you to the IT team for sorting it out.

I generally find if the site is a bit sluggish it's a hint for me to do something else for a while and then return an hour or so later. I also copy my comments into the PC or laptop before posting so if all goes pear-shaped I can just paste when things sort themselves out.

To select all the text you've just typed press 'Control' and 'A', or 'Command' and 'A' on a Mac, then Control/Command and 'C'. This copies it somewhere into the computer's memory. Create a new post/comment and just press 'Control' and 'P' or 'Command' and 'P' and the text reappears.

If you need to switch off your PC/laptop before you've managed to paste back the text back into the website you'll need to paste it into Word or Pages in Mac to retrieve it.

Happy surfing everyone! xxxx Annie


Thanks. Only problem is I only ever use my's so quick and easy to switch on etc! I suppose there had to be one or two things the iPad is no good for!

Xxxx chris


Ah well the 'select all', 'copy' and 'paste' functions all work on the I-Pad too. If the site is going slow just press hard where you want to pick up the text, select what you want and then select copy and it will stay in the I-Pad until you select and copy another bit of text. Having said that it's slightly easier with a pen prodder. My fingers are too pudgy to select on an I-Pad screen with any accuracy. That way if the site is going slow you at least have the text copied so you can paste it in if it fails to upload the first time.

Hopefully the site is back to normal by now.

loads of love xx Annie


When I had similar problems I put it down to my iPad which is an original! I got an up to date replacement for Christmas and have not tried using that for this yet as I am being cautious about the apps etc that I load onto it!

Maybe it was the website! I quite often get unavailable messages!



Oh Margaret

Happy New year! Was only wondering how you are yesterday. Great to see your blog.

Love Suex :-)


Just messaged youx


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