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Does anyone have a private prescription for Mistletoe Injections?

Hello everyone. Does anyone by any chance have a private presciption for Mistletoe Injections? If yes, do you have your local chemist dispense it or a specialist pharmacy like "Murrays"? It has been suggested to me that it will take a long time if a local chemist dispenses it. Wondering if there is any truth in this before I go phoning around.

Thanks. Sue

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Hi Sue,

I think that Anthroposophical Doctors sometimes prescribe mistletoe, and they would presumably tell you where it would be dispensed.

Would be interested to hear how you get on!

Monique x


Hi Monique, I do have a prescription and have been advied to go to a specialist chemist. Was just wondering where other people have been advised to get theirs. I had the first dose yesterday, it was a breeze compared to my daily fragmin injection!

All the best



I have ISCADOR drops same as mistletoe get it through our homeopathic hospital in Bristol apparently it can extend life for 15 months, yet another alternative to chemo. that I am doing love to all Jennyxxx


I have a prescription from an anthroposophical doctor. and then the iscador is dispensed via my local chemist. They were very helpful there . I went in to talk to the pharmacist who phoned the pharmacist at Weleda (who produce the drug)

and they sorted out their ordering process . I never wait more than 2 - 3 days after taking in a prescriotion . They phone me to tell me when they have it in .


Thanks Suzy, that is good to know. I have been given a prescription for Abnobaviscum mistletoe injections, but I may ask instead for Iscador. I think it's just a different brand.

Thanks to all.


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