My Truths

My Truths

I've admitted I was at one time a magician's assistant regularly being seen to be sawn in three by a conjourer (the local pharmacist).

My second truth is that I ignored HRH Prince Charles because I didn't recognise him in my place of work. I used to work for the County Lieutenant and my office was based in a stately home where all sorts of famous people would come to stay. He'd usually warn me beforehand but assumed I'd recognise the second in line to the throne.

The really embarrassing thing is I saw this guy coming along the corridor, couldn't put a name to the face, so my defensive technique was to gush 'helllloooo' with a fixed smile and a stupid little wave and I rushed on by.

The third is based on fact. I did write some comic fiction - a play that was published and performed after it was submitted for a creative writing module when I was at university. Proof this is not a porky lies in the poster above that someone kindly framed for me.

I'm now looking forward to more of your confessions ladies!!!! xxx

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  • That's a good one about not recognising the Prince of Wales! I can imagine how you must have felt.



  • ah yes, imagine me round the next corner .... oik! Think I should have curtsied. xxx

  • AwwwwwI got it wronge boooo :-/ ;-) gutted love x G x

  • Not so wrong Gwyn as you said I hadn't published a book of comic tales. xxxxx

  • You are a lady of many talents, Annie. I like the poster!

    Monique x

  • Ah I didn't do the poster Monique - though I do really enjoy sketching. It's one of the things I shall take up again one day when I'm less active. I'd love to learn how to do caricatures.

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