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Early Signs?

Had sudden onset of symptoms - Bloating, abdominal pain (mainly one side) and mild to moderate indigestion. These symptoms began less than a week ago, but are totally out of the blue.

Have had lower back and hip pain for the past 3-4 months, but had a baby in December 2010 so put this down to lifting her - although she was premature and is very light!

Feel a fraud being one here as i've not even seen my GP yet (going on Thursday) but wanted to know if there were others that had these symptoms at the age of 34?......Everywhere I look i am reading that it is unlikely under 50.

My nan (mum's side) died at the age of 42, but they think she had the disease much earlier.

Probably getting concerned over nothing, but I have a young family and know that early diagnosis gives people a beeter outcome.

Any advice or comments appreciated.

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This happened to me although I was 60 yrs and docs kept saying IBS dont be put off maybe nothing but best to be safe than sorry Thinking of you take care Marge xx



Although it's unlikely to be ovarian cancer, you are wise to get it checked out as soon as possible. Be clear with your GP that you have it in the family, and they should refer you to the gynaecologist to have an examination, bloods and a scan. Insist that, at the very least they check your ca125. It's a quick blood test - results back the next day.

Hopefully they will find another reason - do you have an appendix, for instance?

Best wishes,




i was told i had irritable bowl syndrome for 3 months i took myself to hospital in the end so if symptons persist be persistant. I kept on seeing the locom doctor who has now been struck off the practice.

all the best be positive and let us know the outcome

shaz x



It's very good that you are getting it checked out early. I am sure there will be another explanation, but I kept going back and forth to my GP for ages before diagnosis, however, I was in my 50's.

Don't be put off by the explanations, ask for a CA125 blood test, like Isadora suggests, and maybe an ultrasound.

It may be worth you googling Ovacome's BEAT symptom tracker, it will give you more info for your GP to form a view of what may be happening.

Good luck

Love, Wendy xx


Thanks. Will keep you posted on the outcome. I'm sure all will be fine but its worth being one step ahead these days. The info and help is there for a reason!


HI HAS ANYONE BEEN ON CAEYLX CHEMO ?? If so do they have or had any symptoms like sore burning sensation in stomach I have had 2 cycles up to now I have had carboplatin & taxol and havent had this sensation


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