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What do MacMillan nurses do, any experiences?


My mum has just been diagnosed with Primary Peritoneal Cancer. She starts 6 cycles of chemo - sorry we don't know what type yet - in a few weeks. She has been asked if she wants to be put in touch with a MacMillan nurse but we are not really sure what they do. Their website is not overly helpful so I wondered if anyone had any personal experience.

I thought that they were not linked to the hospital so we are having a bit of trouble understanding what they would know about things?


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Sorry to hear that your Mum is having a tough time. I've met Macmillan nurses at meetings, and they do a whole range of things. They can offer support and friendship while someone is going through diagnosis and treatment but they can also act as advisers in terms of work-related and employment advice and aspects of finance, such as hospital parking charges etc. My mother in law had a Macmillan social worker who put her in touch with carers and meals on wheels. I think their remit is quite wide. The nurse I met at the last meeting I went to (representing patient perspectives of surviving cancer) was attached to a hospital. It may be worth just having an initial meeting and seeing what they are offering. All the ones I've met are really helpful, nice people.

Good Luck to your Mum

Wendy xx


Thanks so much, I suppose that I was a little scared that Macmillan nurses dealt with terminal care and was too worried to call them, Thanks


Hi Netmum,

Macmillan nurses cover a wide range of practice. The name Macmillan nurse is a reflection of the fact that they are funded by Macmillan, rather than a description of the specific role they have as an individual.

It would be very unusual to consider introducing a palliative care nurse at initial diagnosis. It is most probably a Gynae Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) They are the senior nurses in the team, and really valuable contact.

Please do contact the Ovacome nurses if you want to. They can tell you much more about the nursing set up in hospitals, and the various professionals who are there for you all.

Best wishes to you and all the family,

Louise x


Thanks Louise, I think we will give them a call, thanks for the information x


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