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Higher ca125 with recurrence?

Have any of you ladies on here had your ca 125 levels go higher with a recurrence than with your first occurrence? My mums levels have risen rapidly from 17 to 314 in just a couple of months. She was only 400 when first diagnosed. Does anyone know if the ca125 level is the same as first time around then does that mean there is the same amount of cancer there as first time around? Or does the ca125 level change with recurrences?

Hope this makes sense!! Thanks for any help or experiences you can share x

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Hi Flyhigh,

My CA125 has just gone up higher than my original diagnosis. It has taken 10 months to get there, but I am not responding to any of the chemo following my debaulking, I don't think it is because the secretion of the protein (which is what CA125 meaures) from my cancer has changed. Having said that, I do know some ladies whose oncologists have told them their cancer has changed over the years, but they have never indicated their CA125 readings have varied dramatically because of that.

Love Lizzie



Hi Flyhigh, im new to this site and find it very helpful, the lowest my ca has been is 102 since my operation and after 4 chemos in 3yrs it is up to 700 +just finished my last chemo in march and rising again my oc told me my ca125 would always be high and infections etc would make it rise and it 's a guideline it is really the scans that give you a true reading and the way you are feeling hope this reassures you J x


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