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Ovarian cancer

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Hello lovely ladies I’ve been reading this book the ovarian cancer miracle it’s about 12 ordinary ladies that cured themselves naturally. I’m getting really good information from it that may hopefully help my mum who has ovarian cancer, so I thought I would post it on here for others.

Love Ali 😘

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Just be really, really careful, particularly as this isn’t for yourself but your mum. Many people do try different remedies but many also are more comfortable with just what their oncologist recommends. You can’t make that choice for your mum. Honestly having had a quick google, this book would NOT be for me. Different horses for different courses though. I wish your mum and you well :-)

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Aliollie in reply to Danteandsam

Hi thanks for your comments, I am not making choices for my mum, I am trying to help her through this awful journey. As she has other medical issues she is only eating nuts seeds in smoothies and I spend my Saturdays making a weeks worth of juices for her just with all organic fruit and vegetables she is quite aware what of what she is drinking, these will give her the nutrients which hopefully will give her strength for her upcoming chemo. I have got to try and help her in the best way I can as she loves life and wants to stay here as long as possible. Best wishes Ali x

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Danteandsam in reply to Aliollie

No wish to offend you and I’m sure you are doing absolutely everything to help your much-loved mum. Just advising caution, as I can see others have done including Ovacome when you posted about starving cancer. We have to be so careful of misinformation and downright dangerous info out there.

Great of course to have lots of nutrients and I’m sure your mum feels your love and care through your juicing, so long as that’s alongside a normal balanced diet which includes complex carbs, these and protein too will give her energy for chemo.

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Gemmyw in reply to Danteandsam

You have given very good advice and I do hope it is taken on board!

What's the title of the book please

Cancer is a complex disease. I don't carry the BRCA gene but my tumour molecular structure is BRCA positive meaning that there is a fault in the DNA repair pathway. I don't think changing my diet or any amount of positive thinking is going to fix the faulty part of my DNA. I haven't read the book you refer to but googled it. [Edited by moderator]

Your right in that cancer is a very complex disease and for this reason there will never be a cure found for it.Some choose to listen and follow standard of care treatment entirely which is fine it a personal choice.But ultimately cancers become resistant to treatments of chemo etcDoctors in the uk aren’t allowed to suggest alternatives,as they are prevented doing so by the cancer act of 1939! How outdated this must be.If they do then they risk a prison sentence.

I believe it is a personal choice how people choose to help themselves and we should not criticise each other.I eat a clean diet and take lots of other supplements,I do hyperbaric oxygen therapy and I truly believe it’s benefiting me.

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Nicky100 in reply to Lovedogs41

Hello. I would be interested to hear more about the benefits you are experiencing with HBOT? x

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Lovedogs41 in reply to Nicky100

Hi there of course! I researched hyperbaric oxygen therapy and found it can be a great support during chemo as it can help with side effects.It gives me an energy boost,I just feel better after a session.It can also help with inflammation in the body and encourages healing.I also found out that cancer likes a hypoxic (low oxygen)environment to thrive in,so by having oxygen therapy you are forcing oxygen into your organs,cells,tissues etc and any tumours.Basically you are trying to create an environment that is hostile to cancer cells.Hope this helps x

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Nicky100 in reply to Lovedogs41

It’s great that you’ve had good results with it. Thank you so much for your reply. I tried it about 2-3 years ago and found it really helpful. I’m so interested to hear you’ve tried it and had a result. Thank you x

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Lovedogs41 in reply to Nicky100

Your very welcome,I would definitely recommend you giving it another go x

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Pooshon in reply to Lovedogs41

Where do you get the hyperbaric oxygen please?

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Lovedogs41 in reply to Pooshon

HiI go to an ms centre twice a week.What country are you in? x

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Pooshon in reply to Lovedogs41

Thanks for that do you pay for this? Im in the UK.

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Lovedogs41 in reply to Pooshon

Google ms centres near you there are several around the country,most do hyperbaric oxygen therapy.I pay £20 a session which isn’t too bad tbh.I think it’s similar in price across the UK,except London might be more there x

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Pooshon in reply to Lovedogs41

Thanks so much for this I’ll certainly give it a try.

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Lovedogs41 in reply to Pooshon

No problem hope you find somewhere near to you x

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Nicky100 in reply to Pooshon

You can get it here if you live in the Douth West- or they could advise on other places too. southwestmscentre.co.uk/

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Pooshon in reply to Nicky100

I actually live in the North East but I’ll look into this. My ca125has been gradually increasing so I’m now looking at further steps to help. Did you notice a difference in yours when you started HO?

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Nicky100 in reply to Pooshon

No not directly. I just had more energy and felt brighter.

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ILoveLexi in reply to Pooshon

There's a centre in Middlesborough, haven't contacted them but looked it up out of interest

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LouHE in reply to Pooshon

Hi, I'm looking to do similar (lower my CA125) is there anything you recommend?

Yes fully aware of what cancer is my dad had it five years ago the same time as my mums cancer was diagnosed, so cancer has been a heavy load for our family for the last five years. I have a autoimmune illness got very tired used to go to bed when I got home from work due to fatigue. My mum came across this book Ella Woodward I imagine you have heard of her she had a serious illness and spend most her time unable to get her self out of bed each day. She changed her eating to whole foods and vegan and if you research her has build her health up, all the foods she ate had healing benefits. Any way I’ve always been a vegetarian since 12 years old and a few years ago went vegan, making sure I had a smoothie each day for lunch and mostly eating whole foods and recipes from her book. Since then I have felt so much better no longer going to bed early and my fatigue has gone so I can tell you changing your diet does help your body, I cannot say I’m going to save my mum but I’m not sitting around doing nothing to help my very much loved mum.

Best wishes to you Ali x

Well I'm intrigued. What is the book called please?

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Danteandsam in reply to 27-359

It’s called The Ovarian Cancer ‘Miracle’

news.cancerresearchuk.org/2... This is a great resource for checking certain theories

Yes, I've just googled it and nothing! Nothing on Amazon either.


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Danteandsam in reply to 27-359

amazon.co.uk/Ovarian-Cancer... But to be clear I’m not recommending it!

I completely understand. It's just that I always like to have a look at "cancer books" in general.


Hi Ali

I would be proud to call you my daughter! You are doing all you can to help your mum and that is commendable!

Conventional doctors are not taught about diet and natural alternatives.

Have you looked at the book ‘how to starve cancer’, there is also a Facebook group, also the Always Hope Facebook group is fab too. There is also a report called the Moss Report which helps with both natural and conventional treatments for ovarian.

Happy to private message with you if you prefer?


Thanks for your message that’s really kind. I’m doing the on line course, the trouble I’m having is that as mums on a blood thinner so even growing the broccoli sprouts she can’t have as they thin the blood. Am trying to get an appointment with Chris Woollams to see if he could help me put something together. If you have any ideas would be grateful. How are you getting on ?

Ali x

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Luci22 in reply to Aliollie

Hi Ali,What online course are you taking?

Thanks, all the best to you and your mum. xo

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Kayadiana in reply to Aliollie

Hi Ali. Wishing you the very best. Trying to work out the best course when you’re facing your mum’s ovarian cancer and your own autoimmune condition is daunting. I have OC and my husband has an autoimmune disease, so I’ve been struggling myself.

If you can get some time with Chris Woollams I think you’ll find it very helpful - and positive. I took his advice, as far as I was able, throughout treatment and did exceptionally well, surprising both my oncologist and surgeon. I’ve also done a lot of my own research and the more scientific papers I read the more I’m impressed with Chris’s advice - there’s a lot of information out there.

Unfortunately, no-one can be sure what, if anything, will work with OC, as it’s a tricky beast - you can only do your best. So far, that best seems to be to combine conventional treatment with as much of a complementary approach as possible. I took supplements as per Chis’s advice while I had chemo, added specific herbs to help my white blood cells recover after surgery and now continue to take supplements. I’ve also tweaked my diet to emphasise helpful foods - mushrooms, berries, greens, pulses etc - and reduced animal protein and fat. I try and get more exercise/outside time to reduce stress.

Someone mentioned Jane McClelland and How to Starve Cancer. From a personal perspective I’ve found this more difficult to use/follow than Chris and the canceractive website and it made me more anxious. Chris concentrates on the things that are important to your individual situation, so I’d suggest working on this first. If you can’t get an appointment read the articles, watch the videos etc - that’ll give you plenty of positive things you can do.

For yourself/autoimmune I’d strongly suggest looking at the AIP (Autoimmune Protocol) approach - very helpful for my husband (RA). Sarah Ballantyne, who originally came up with the approach was a scientific researcher who had to give up work because of her own/her family’s autoimmune. She’s done loads of research and there are a lot of people who have benefited from her programme. She’s also been able to get a couple of research studies funded with positive results so far.

I do wish you the best whatever you both decide to do.

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Lovedogs41 in reply to Kayadiana

Hi there I would be interested in hearing what Chris advised for you? He focuses a lot on gut health doesn’t he? Thankyou x

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Nicky100 in reply to Kayadiana

I put together a list that I researched extensively and use ( not all, all the them as sometimes I get lazy etc!).

I had a extremely positive result (blood work, so all was documented) from using many of these, and baffled Consultants at the same time. Please note that these may not suit everyone and please check with your Oncologist if you have any concerns at all.

Here is the link to my post:


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Aliollie in reply to Kayadiana

Hi that’s a really kind and helpful email. It seems your doing well thanks for all the useful information. Wishing you all the best Ali xx

I do believe that starving your body weakens immune system.....I was sugar junky and of cours had to change that. But sadly think that to go completely vegetarian not for me. I still need a little animal protein to help to build new good cells.....


Firstly I am so sorry your mum has been diagnosed with our dreadful disease and thank you for caring for her as you so clearly do.

Over the last few years on this forum we have had many similar posts shared with us about ‘miracle cures’ ‘starving cancer’ and other ‘self healing’ scenarios for our disease. Mostly these claims are made by non medical people who have written in depth about their cures and provide ‘data’ to support their claims, Mr Cameron is a journalist, I have no reason to doubt at all that he has researched his topics but, as we all know, any research undertaken can be skewed in a particular direction to support the specific point we are trying to make.

I am unable to research this man’s claims in depth as I cannot find much readily available information on him, nor can I access excerpts from his publications to formulate any fact driven opinion, but, the forwards to his many books on the self healing of various cancers all seemingly make exactly the same claims, that disease starts in the mind, that the quality of our cells equates to the state of our health (who knew), that there is a conspiracy within the various worldwide health service providers to actively withhold knowledge from us that they know can cure us, about the toxic foods on our table, how to live to 100 and so on, the running theme is the same. From the pictures on the covers of his many publications I am assuming he is suggesting we can heal ourselves solely with a change of diet and am assuming a plant based diet is being purported.

Each of his numerous publications makes the claim that a small number of ‘ordinary’ people heal themselves of their cancer naturally. I think that the claim that 5 ordinary men heal themselves of testicular cancer or that 12 ordinary ladies cure themselves of ovarian cancer or 7 ordinary people cure themselves of lung cancer are somewhat questionable given the sadly high number of cancer patients diagnosed. If 12 ladies were able to heal themselves naturally from our disease then that’s fantastic but were they healed because of or in spite of his claims, and what was their original diagnosis?. Again I am unable to research further without buying his publications, of which there are many . Were there other cancer patients who tried his methodology who it didn’t work for?

If his claims are based on our dietary requirements, I fully agree that our bodies require good quality natural nutrition and that many modern foods are so full of additives and other horrors that they cannot be classed as being good for us and could actually be seen as being toxic to our health. I do believe that we require a balanced diet that provides us with all the necessary nutrients to help us function at optimum levels, heal and thrive and that we are all different and therefore each require different nutrition to reach this goal. Does his methodology allow for different types and stages of the specific cancer each book is aimed at and each individuals dietary needs and possible allergies and what testing to achieve this was carried out and by whom.

I think what I’m saying here is, just as I’ve said about other such authors, is that if the claims they make are as valid as they maintain, that our medical teams would be prescribing these courses of action to heal us all, I don’t think conspiracy theories provided by a whistleblower can be seen as a valid source of information. Authors of this type of work are relying on vulnerable people buying these publications and boosting authors bank balances.

I hope your mum is able to recover and I wish you both the very best going forwards. ❤️Xx Jane

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Petrolhead in reply to Cropcrop

Excellent and realistic summation. These people tend to pedal hope to extremely vulnerable people without credible evidence to support their claims. Fay

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Nicky100 in reply to Cropcrop

This is an excellent and well written post. With some very valid points, thank you.

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Gemmyw in reply to Cropcrop

I hope that everyone considering a 'natural' cure reads this.

hi there, i'm surprised by all the negative stuff people have said, I commend you for looking into these things. quite often the cancer sufferer needs a research assistant. my sister is mine. i for one am grateful to find/investigate any alternative and am already taking some supplements and making changes. i've always been more or less vegetarian. UK/US doctors are doling out much the same treatment to all OC sufferers and little has changed since the 70s/80s except treatment for the side effects of chemo. and my hospital treats everybody the same regardless of the type they have (clear cell/high-grade serous/endometrioid etc).

cag x

I believe PARP inhibitors ( at least in UK) weren't licensed until the 2000s for O.C so at least some development since the 70s

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Nicky100 in reply to Cardiff05

Indeed. My mum dies of OC in the 90's and things have come on significantly in terms of Parp Inhibitors for Ovarian Cancer (some, not all it must be added) patients since then.

Aww that’s nice you have someone helping you well done to your sister and hope you get on ok x I will carry on with my research x

Please consider Cropcrop’s post above. Not wishing to burst your bubble but Jane is spot on in her summation. Best wishes to you and your Mum.


Hi Ali What is the name of this book?

Dear Ali,

It is wonderful that you are helping your mum and she is lucky to have a daughter like you.

If you want a properly researched couple of books to read, I would recommend the following as superb, extremely affordable and written by leading writers- One, a leading Oncologist, and the second a PHD student who then went on to publish a book from her extensive research of 1000 cancer patients.

Dr Kelly Turner also now has a free website with hundreds of free stories, and you can filter by Ovarian Cancer etc. if you wish.


Both are very readable books, founded in evidence and give a huge amount of both hope and advice on eating, supplements, lifestyle etc.

1. How to Live: The groundbreaking lifestyle guide to keep you healthy, fit and free of illness

2. Radical Remission: Surviving Cancer Against All Odds

I have posted above in the comments, a link to a protocol that I researched myself and that has so far been excellent for me. But again, we are all different, but you are welcome to look at it. Please do not hesitate to PM me if you need any help or support. I know it's a minefield.

Love, Nicky xx

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Kayadiana in reply to Nicky100

Having seen Kelly Turner’s Radical Remission recommended a couple of times, I’ve just ordered her new book ‘Radical Hope’, as it may have updated info. Robert Thomas is on my bookshelf/table - highly recommended.

I hate to burst your bubble but NO ONE cures themselves naturally of cancer. There is zero evidence for that. In some extremely rare circumstances people can have what is described as a spontaneous remission but that happens about as often as a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow and the people that it apparently happened to may not have actually had cancer in the first place.

Be wary of any dietary changes, supplements etc as they can affect treatment detrimentally. For example, must actually have a diet which is low in fibre (and therefore low in fruits, vegetables, seeds and legumes) due to risks of bowel blockage (common with ovarian cancer). The notion that sugar causes or contributes to cancer is totally unproven; all of our cells rely on sugar (ie carbohydrates) to develop and survive.

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Kayadiana in reply to Gemmyw

Have you read any of the research papers that relate to this subject? I’ve lost count of the number I’ve read, and I’ve been encouraged by the reported results. Yes, Ovarian cancer is particularly tricky and yes, all the papers end with the comment that more research is needed, but this doesn’t invalidate what has been done so far. Some (few) hospitals are now including some of the supplements that you seem to disparage - berberine, for example. I completely agree that this field is complex and that there are charlatans out there, but this shouldn’t put us off from doing the best we can.

Hi everyone

Thank you all for sharing your thoughts. As many of you have said, there is no conclusive evidence that any dietary regime or specific lifestyle helps to shrink or stabilise cancer. I wanted to share these resources on diet, sugar, and cancer which I hope will be informative:

- news.cancerresearchuk.org/2...

- ovacome.org.uk/blog/diet-su...

- ovacome.org.uk/blog/diet-ca...

- ovacome.org.uk/diet-and-nut...

Regarding sugar and cancer, it is known that cancer cells undergo a change in their cellular machinery, meaning they produce their energy in a different way from normal cells. They therefore need a lot of glucose to grow and multiply. This is why it has been suggested that cutting down or eliminating sugar from diets could prevent cancer from growing. However, as mentioned in the resources above, carbohydrates are an essential part of the diet as they are our bodies our bodies’ main source of energy, containing lots of additional nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, fibre and amino acids (which are the building blocks of proteins). All the carbohydrates we digest ultimately enter the bloodstream as glucose and there isn’t a way to stop only cancer cells from accessing glucose while maintaining the essential supply to healthy cells.

NHS guidance recommends a balanced diet, which means eating a wide variety of foods in the right proportions and consuming the correct amount of food and drink to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight. They also advise moderation as a central component to healthy eating and do not suggest eliminating any one type of food.

Your oncologist may be able to refer you to a dietitian specialising in supporting people with cancer, if you have further questions about nutrition and supporting your health through diet while living with cancer.

In addition, Penny Brohn UK run weekly online sessions titled ‘Cancer Nutrition Know How’ which I hope may be of interest to you all. For more information about their sessions, please visit this page on their website: pennybrohn.org.uk/find-help...

It’s important to let your clinical team know about any supplements you are taking. This is so they can advise you about any potential contraindications. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre have a comprehensive database, providing information on botanical supplements and integrative medicine treatments: mskcc.org/cancer-care/diagn...

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like to talk through anything. We’re here on 0800 008 7054, Monday – Friday, 10am – 5pm. You can also speak with us directly through the forum, via instant chat on our website or write to us by email at support@ovacome.org.uk.

Best wishes


Ovacome support

I haven’t said anything about cure. Nor do I believe that there is a clear separation between natural and scientific/medical. What I referred to was a body of research, conducted by universities and research institutes. And, as I said, I have been encouraged by their findings. In the face of this awful disease I believe we each have to choose what our particular path will be.Best

I'd recommend Dr Michael Greger's book, How Not to Die - he doesn't make any claims about curing cancer, but he does recommend a whole food plant based diet for optimal health and preventing and fighting disease. All of his recommendations are backed up with scientific studies. And he is a practising MD who doesn't make any profits from his book or website, the website is called Nutrition Facts.

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