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CA125/ Rucaparib

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Hello ladies,

I hope that you are all keeping reasonably well.

Is there any one here that is still on Rucaparib? I am still on 1000mg each day,but my CA125 is still rising and is now reached 81. I have another blood test on 10th Sept,then on the 14th I am having a CT scan. Fortunately I still feel well,but I am finding the increases daunting.

Just wondering if this drug has worked for anyone that is brca negative.

I have been taking rucaparib since Dec. 2020.

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I am taking Rubraca. I have been on it for six months now, and my CA125 is going up by a point or two each month. It is currently 25, which is low, but higher than it was when I started.I am also brca negative and am wondering how effective Rubraca will be. We can only hope!

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JustKBO in reply to 27-359

Hi there Caleda. Yes I’m on Rucaparib and I’m still here. Started in first lockdown (2020 ? )after 4 cycles of 2nd line Chemo. Last scan July and all still well CA125 stable at 12. However I think my kidney is playing up again, I’m getting ulcers on my tongue and skin very itchy so I hope those little tabs aren’t giving up on me. I am BRACA negative too. Keep hoping. Never give up. XMaria.

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Caleda4 in reply to 27-359

You are right, we can only hope that even though the CA125 is rising that things are ok. Thank you for replying.

Sadly Rucaparib didn't work for me ,I'm Brca negative was on it for 4 months and my ca125 kept increasing ,I'm now on watch and wait ,scan in two weeks then probably more chemo .I hope your scan shows no progression of disease ,may be other reasons for the increase .Cheryl xx

Same here. Have been on watch and wait as lymph nodes in chest were low activity. I am about to start carboplatin on its own six treatments, PET scan after three to see if any improvement. Quite nervous. Oncologist said there are other options if this doesn't work. What I didn't ask. Bit scared.

Watch and wait is scary ,but so is chemo my scan is week after next then oncologist week later ,last appointment he mentioned Carboplatin and caeleyx ,so it's wait and see again , good luck with your treatment .Cheryl x

And you. Let us know what decision is made for you. Best wishescLiz x

Thank you Liz , I will .Cheryl x

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I hope the carbo goes well for you and that it works, I wonder what the other options are!! Let us know how things go. Good luck Lizzieanne.x

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Caleda4 in reply to fendweller

I am so sorry that this parp didn't work for you. I am anticipating being taken off it as well. I hope things go well for you Cheryl.xx

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fendweller in reply to Caleda4

I hope things go well for you too ,do let us know .Cheryl xx

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