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Weight gain with Rubraca

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I get on the scales most days and find my weight is increasing. I am not eating any more than usual, my clothes still fit fine. Always bothers me in case I have any ascites or pleural effusion and fluid is causing weight gain, tho I feel alright. Scales are ok

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I am on Rubraca and I am putting on weight too. The problem is, my clothes don't fit!


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Lizzieanne in reply to 27-359

What my summer clothes will be like I dont know, did try a T shirt on and seemed to have gained a couple of rolls of fat. Thanks for yr reply

I am the same, but mine extra weight is still from Xmas,so not really sure if it is the Rubraca. Having said that I have now cut back on some things, so will see if that makes a difference. For me it depends if I can walk every day & that is dependent on the weather. I have noticed that a jacket I wear not so often is a little bit tighter. If you had pleural effusion you would be out of breath more,because when I had that problem last year I had a problem getting upstairs without getting out of breath. Not sure about ascites, but am guessing your clothes may feel a bit tight.

Pleased you are ok otherwise .

Take care.

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Lizzieanne in reply to Caleda4

Thanks Caleda like you I try and walk most days. I think it may be some water retention got plenty of puff and had pleurodeses. First time had ascites but tummy was swollen.

I often wonder about that too as my scales can fluctuate up to 5lbs overnight. If however I do the pinch an inch test I can pinch about 4 inches so I tell myself it’s just fat. I lie around and sleep more than I used to because I get tired so that has also got to be factored in.

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Lizzieanne in reply to JustKBO

That's brilliant . But like you scales show big increase overnight. Hubby's weight stays same. At least I know I am not alone x

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