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Has anyone had any experience of going through medical retirement. I work for the DWP and as part of their attendance policy medical retirement was brought up quite early on in my illness. At the time I hadn't considered it but as time went by I decided I would like to apply. This was in April and I am still no further forward. The trouble is everything is outsourced so my application went to an HR provider and then onto another outsourced company called Health management. I have been chasing this since June and have even got my MP involved who has written letters and tried to chase it. I have approached my union and they don't seem interested. So 6 months later I am no further forward and am now on nil pay. My employer advised me to claim benefits!Yes I know I did say I work for the DWP!!!! Everyday I wait for the postman to bring me some news. I have run out of ideas on who to contact to help me as it's obvious no one cares. I am at rock bottom. Has anyone had a similar experience or any ideas. I guess they just want me to resign but they suggested it not me.

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  • Speak to the Macmillan benefits and finance people. They have a freephone number. I am surprised your union seem uninterested in your case. Try and sidestep whoever you are dealing with as your union will really understand the ins and outs of the pension scheme and whether medical retirement is a possibility for you. Maybe it isn't, it will depend upon the rules of the scheme. There will be a department responsible for the outsourcing of the HR function and you could also try approaching them with the full details and correspondence of what has happened.

  • How frustrating. Another advice service maybe acas. Hope it gets sorted x

  • speak to a solicitor...should at least talk to you on the phone free. Thomsons in London certainly used to be the experts..good luck!!!

  • very frustrating for you, I agree seek a Macmillan centre near you and they should help to sort this mess out. You dont need this hassle being sick.

  • Speak to the media they’d snap this story up quicker than lightning you appear to have done everything there’s also citizens advice they’d be good to speak with and as the others have said Macmillan xxx

  • I agree with advice to contact Macmillan, or you local cancer support centre. They helped me. I also went to see a pension adviser as part of the govt scheme who pointed me in the right direction. Sidestep these people who don't seem to get you need this sorting fast and talk to people who can actually help you. I had pensions with Amex and a teachers pension. Both paid out. You may need to have your onc confirm prognosis - be warned this is not an easy thing to discuss as I'm sure you can imagine.

    Good luck

    Netti xx

  • Macmillan and ACAS would be my first suggestions, but it can’t hurt to seek some legal advice as well. I’ve had a similar experience, I worked for the NHS and have found their handling of my request for retirement on ill health grounds to be abysmal so I am now not working and have no pension, seems some government agencies are poor at looking after their staff and this is the problem with everything being outsourced. Good luck I hope you get to see some daylight soon ❤️Xx Jane

  • I have just sent off my application for medical retirement from the NHS, three years after leaving my job. Fingers crossed it goes through okay.

    Correbrae you may want to contact the Disability Law Service for free legal advice. They are an excellent charitable organization and one of their areas of expertise is around employment so they maybe able to help.

    Good luck


  • Thanks everyone. I had a reply yesterday and have been turned down. I wouldn't mind but it has been going on for 6 months. They may dismiss me on medical grounds but I don't have the energy to fight anymore . I may just resign I guess that's they want anyway

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