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Sleepless in Ny

Hi my name is Samantha.I have had back problems for years.couple of surgery.I have spinal stenosis.I take medication on a regular basis.constipated sometimes.I'm getting tested now for arthritis.to see what I have.going through menopause for about 3 yrs now.I get tested for a thyroid in my neck.so far I'm clear.I'm writing because my stomach feels so bloated, like I'm pregnant.its hard for me to bend over& wear clothes.its driving my crazy.I don't eat a lot.an I avoid carbs as much as possible.I go to gym an exercise.its still the same.its very depressing.I need answers.why am I feeling like this.maybe u could help& give me the answers I need.

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Hi Samantha . I dont think any of us can give you answers but you do need to get that bloating checked out , oh and dont be fobbed off, ask for a CA125 blood test. Do let us know how you get on, sending you a big hug, Kathy xx


Hello Samantha, hope you get back to sleep soon! Please go see a doc asap, and if you are seriously worried, go to you local A&E. Hopefully it will turn out to be something minor, but please get checked now. Wishing you all the best

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Hi Samantha. As the girls said, please don't leave it in the hope it will just go away by itself. It may of course but get it checked as soon as possible. Don't be afraid and good luck. Kryssy xx


As Katmal says, CA125. Plus CEA which may detect other issues


Hi Samantha

If you are worried you have Ovarian Cancer you should go to your Doctor and ask for a CA125 blood test. All the best xx


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