I've been reading on this and the symptoms are the same as ovarian cancer . And last time I

Had a scan she said I had endo scarring .im so confused why are all thease things throwing out same symptoms ivevalsl gpt P.I.D and they give the same symptoms . But yet my doctor has still frightened me with the word . When I've got all thease other things wrong with me. This waiting is killing me I can't function !

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  • Try not to think of your ultrasound as a test for ovarian cancer think of it as a scan to find out what might be causing an elevated CA125 in which ovarian cancer in one of a range of possible diagnoses including endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease or other infection.

    Your GP did not book the ultrasound to scare you he/she is following advice set out in government guidelines. I know you are scared but take it one step, one moment, one day at a time. If you really feel you are not coping you could go back to your GP and talk about anti anxiety medications or a referral to talk to someone about how you are feeling.

  • I just can't wait any longer il end up not turning up and doing a runner as far away from here as poss rite now I just feel like I can't take any more I'm in a rite state I haven't been able to. Function since I've had this news not eating not sleeping I'm a mess I got nobody there for me either . We only just recently lost my nan my mums mother so I dnt want to bother her with my issues as well awh frighten her as she is greiving . I can't deal with this

  • It is hard if you have no one to confide in. Believe me we have all felt like running away at times. Perhaps find out if there is a Penny Brohns centre near you or Macmillan Centre where you can pop in and have a chat. You are still grieving for your Nan as well. There is an Ovacome helpline you can ring and get some medical advise. Just a few thought and send in you a hug

  • When I was going through diagnosis my nanna had just been diagnosed with oesophageal cancer but sadly she passed away. I was reluctant to tell my mum as I didn't want to worry her. She told me off said that she is my mum and it's her job to worry about me. You can do this one moment at a time

  • Really sympathise as am waiting for my scan and have all sorts of imaginings. Trying to blank it all out.

  • High have ha a CA125 blood test done ?

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