Probiotics anyone?

Curious if any of you are taking probiotics. If so, have you noticed any difference or benefits since taking? Have any if you been advised to steer clear? I have not yet spoken to my dr about this- figured I'd ask the real experts here first. I'm managing ok without the help, but keep hearing how fab this is for my non-cancer friends so am now poking into it.

Anne 🌸🌼🌺

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  • I always get confused about probiotics prebiotics etc but if you mean things like live yoghurt and yakult then yes I do find that my gut works better when I eat them...certainly helped settle my guts after carbo/taxol xx

  • My (Long!) list of do and don't for what to consume whilst on chemo provided by the hospital lists pre and probiotics as a no. I'm going to check as I think it relates to the drinks and yoghurts rather than supplements. If I find out tomorrow I will let you know.


  • Thanks. I too was told to avoid non pasteurized dairy products, or foods witj bacteria. But haven't touched on this yet. Keep me posted. Thanks!

  • That's interesting. I didn't get a list of what I should and shouldn't eat. I received no guidance at all on that!


  • I take a probiotic tablet every day but this is mainly to counter the antibiotics I have to take for the rest of my life due to spleen being removed. I think it does help - especially with bowels!!!

  • Beckyjh, I had my spleen removed over a year ago and no one mentioned anything about having to take antibiotics. I do eat organic yogurt with live probiotics every day and find that my digestion works much better as long as I eat the yogurt.

  • Oh, and I ate it during 34 weeks of chemo (carbo, taxol, cisplatin) and two major surgeries. Still eating it, currently NED and feeling fantastic!

  • I also had my spleen removed and have to take penicillin twice a day for life.

  • Neona, that is a huge amount of antibiotics. That kills all your good bacteria as well. My mom had her spleen removed and lived without it for 60 years and did not take any drugs at all. Just proves again how we are all different in our medical responses.

  • Check out V.S.L 3 made by ferring. Someone I know took them during chemo ( doc approved) and swears by them. She has them delivered chilled direct from ferring, you store them in the fridge and she makes one sachet last 2 days to keep cost down. . She got me into them and iit has sorted out all my digestion issues. There are other probiotics on the market obviously, but V,S,L 3 is the medical grade one used by Hospitals and in medical trials. marie. x x

  • Hi Anne. My daughter got me some pro biotic tablets but I was concerned that they would interact with the Avastin I was on and I didn't want to ask my oncologist as he is against me taking anything! I took them for a week then convinced myself that I was getting tummy pains, so stopped taking them! Sorry, I am not much help.


  • Yes, I take probiotics & I like live Greek yoghurt, frozen fruit from my garden & grated black choc-about the only 'pudding' I allow myself. The yoghurt does help with the antibiotics I take BI -monthly from COC

  • Spencer2016, I eat organic yogurt every day and it takes care of my digestive issues completely. When I stop eating the yogurt is when the indigestion starts up again. I know we're all different, but this works for me. Tesla

  • Hello, yes I take them- they are supposed to be very good to take with cancer, not sure I notice much of a difference but You might do over a longer period of time xxx

  • Hello-While I was on chemo and after I made my own KEfir on my countertop. IT really helped me to go and with all the constipation from chemo. I used the kefir grains and organic 2% milk. Unfortunatly my grains died out while out of town. I made and took all through chemo with no problems.


  • Oh bother, was going to say I can always send you some more grains then realised you,re in the U.S Carol. If any ladies would like some I have both water and milk ( milk has more vitamins, amino acids and probiotics ). x x

  • Badger you are so generous!! People will kill for good milk grains. I gave a friend that can give me more. You are very sweet!!!

  • I used probiotics to settle my gut down after my surgery and again after my chemo finished (Yakult). It worked brilliantly. I have IBS and it has always helped with that.

  • My Mum was advised not to take probiotic tablets by her GP but pasteurised yoghurt wouldn't hurt :)

  • I was told to avoid them during chemo but that's all

    LA xx

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