Does anyone have any thoughts about using hair dye and whether it encourages cancer?

My hair has come back so grey and I feel like an old lady (I know I am, but I don't have to look like one?!). I would like to consider having a colour put back on my hair which would be a self esteem boost but am nervous about chemicals now. I know there are new products which don't contain ammonia..........but am not prepared to do it if I'd be putting myself at risk.

Any thoughts please?

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  • As soon as my hair was long enough and my oncologist said it was ok I had some highlights put in it, the difference was really quite uplifting. I no longer looked old. I discussed my treatment with my hairdresser and he used a low ammonia blonde.

    Hope this helps ❤xx Jane

  • It definitely does help Jane. Thank you!!

  • Hi Eleni. I know some here have been advised against colouring, but I have never been told this despite my team knowing that it's a regular need for me (without dye, it looks like Im wearing a badger). For me personally, knowing that my hair looks good is helpful with dealing with all the c**p that goes with this disease, but others may have a different view. If you decide to go for it, you could try a colour without amonia (I've had mine done this morning) and now looking good. Good luck with making the right decision for you. Ali xx

  • That's exactly how i feel Alikay!! Wearing a badger.......Thanks for your reply. I'm going to talk to my hairdresser. xx

  • Well I'm going for the full peroxide blonde once the Avastin is out of my system!! Fed up with mousey!! xx

  • I had my hair dyed while on Avastin had no problems . X

  • Go girl 😊❤xx Jane

  • If you are concerned about the chemicals in hair dyes, how about the vegetable dyes? I think you'd have to do it yourself or get a friend to help as I'm unsure if salons offer them. They wash out quickly which means redoing it frequently but also means you can experiment without having to live with a mistake for too long.

    Or, have highlights that do not start close to the roots. I think that's where it is thought any problems may be caused, where the chemicals are in touch with the scalp and can seep through.

  • It is only very dark hair dye which is linked to bladder cancer - i have done some research on this subject as i used to dye my hair. If you go blonde its safe. If you want black or dark brown hair , its quite toxic for your system. Though ive been told these dyes have been tested and are safe - i would imagine they are as bad as smoking a cigarette.

  • Last chemo 29th July 2016 and my hair also grew back "A la badger"! And curly too.

    I ran the clippers over it again in Dec and that took a lot of the badger coarse hair out, what a relief! More dark hair came through but I still have lots of silver that I didn't have before. It's just another thing for us to contend with isn't it?

    I'm shortly going back onto treatment otherwise think I'd put a rinse over to tint the silver!

    You need to feel good about yourself so a good cut ( sharp, short and trendy!!) And a bit of colour will be great.

    Let us know how you get on.

    Clare xx

  • Elenor

    I am five months post first line chemo and my hair is coming in grey, I have just bought a natural tint from Holland & Barret haven't tried it yet, but will post a pic once I have.

    Ellsey xx

  • Since my hair came back various shades of grey after my chemo 3.5 years ago I have decided to grow older disgracefully and use semi permenant varying degrees of blue and green lol😀. It only lasts a few weeks , which is good if it doesn't suit your skin tone. It makes me feel better and hopefully stops all the door opening from younger souls who assume I am older than my years (54 lol) 😂😂. I had more chemo recently keeping my hair yahhh! And again used my trusty blue/green hair dye.

  • Hello hopefully you're fine😉u can use garner hair dye it's called oiluo sorry if spelt wrong buts no ammonia at all x hope this helps 😻🐾

  • I use a chemical free hair dye from Holland and Barratt. I do it myself. I then have high-lights put in at the hairdressers - I have foils and I ask them not to go right upto my roots/scalp.

  • Like a couple of others I used Holland and Barrett dye. Had a few attempts at getting the colour right and my friends enjoyed seeing which colour I would be next.

  • I was told once that the only safe colour was henna-however I have absolutely no knowledge about this!

  • Hi Eleni, great to hear you are done and dusted and also dusted with grey but what the heck. I used Loving Care wash in wash out without amonia for a while then have gone on to Loving Care without amonia semi permanent, I think either will do you, Having said that, I coloured my hair today with Loving care light warm brown and am like a ginja ninja but I dont mind. I just wanted to cover up what I had done a few weeks back as have a wedding on Friday. I dont care as long as I have hair. I now match my ruby king charles

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