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Betrayed by Mental Health Department

Hi, I'm new to posting on here. Sharing my experiences regarding my Health Board.

I am a sufferer of anxiety and panic attacks, following my family being victimised by the local authorities for finding corruption after my brother was assaulted by an authority informant.

I put my trust in the mental health profession, only to be betrayed.

I discovered after I made a Subject Access Request to my local health board, that certain individuals had violated my private health records, altered them, distributed details, etc., in the Mental Health Department.

The health board closed ranks when I made a complaint regarding the violations of my records.

The health board portray themselves as caring, when relating to Mental Health issues.

In my family’s case, the Mental Health Department and their partner agencies, abused their powers for their own gains.

I feel betrayed, as everything I told the Mental Health Department, regarding my anxieties and panic attacks cause by the authorities’ actions, the authorities are attempting to use against me.

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HI Wendy D, I am sorry you are having a horrible time. You have posted here on a site for Ovarian Cancer Patients and this may not be the best place for you to resolve your issues with your Health Authority. I suggest you find a Patient Advocate Group for Mental Health or contact one of the many support groups for Mental Health out there such as Samaritans, Aware, Console etc and hopefully they will be able to assist you. Wishing you all the very best


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