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Hypersensitve to Caleyx

My wife 70 has Ovarian cancer and Auto Immune Hemolytic Anemia. After 2 cancelled surgeries and 3 cycles of Carboplatin and Tacsol her cancer too a nearing CS125 dropped to 8. . Then became resistant for the next 3 cycles.

After 1/3 of Caylex infusion extreme alergic reaction with spread of hives right chest throat constriction. (No Pre meds) Subsided with 50 mg . Benadryl The next morning at home allergies were more severe and I took her to Emergency for same treatment and 3

days of Benadryl 200 mg per day. They want to re-challenge with pre meds in 4 weeks

We are scared of the risk vs the benefit. Seems way too toxic. She is extremely weak 12 days later.

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Hello Goodgenie

So sorry to hear this..your poor wife! And poor you because it must be so stressful.

My only suggestion is that you ask them to explain what the premeds are and what they expect them to do. This may help you and your wife to decide what to do.

Don't forget the Ovacome helpline is also a source of information and reassurance.

All the best to you both. Lyndall

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Oh dear , I am so sorry to read this ... I too had bad reaction to Caelyx in 2014.... Oncologist did not try again , and we tried Carbo platin again , which also was rejected , my body just not happy with anything !

I was hospitalised to try the drugs in a more controlled and safe enviroment , and in the end we got Cispaltin in , low dose with steroids and anti hystamines before the drip along with hydration for the kidneys .... some find Cispaltin very hard , but I found it OK even though I had had it a few years earlier . Controlled the bugger for a year , most of 2015 , and now I am on an Immunotherapy trial .

Dont despair , ever .

Very best wishes .x


I am really sorry your wife is unwell and reacted to Caelyx. I would agree ring the Oncology Nurse and see what they are doing before treatment next time and ask them to explain in laymans terms. It is difficult enough without all the medical jargon been thrown at you. The Ovacome helpline is also good as has been suggested. Perhaps if you are in UK there is a Macmillan Centre near you. Another person who might advise you would be your family doctor. I hope your wife has improved somewhat since you posted, you know you can get energy drink from doctor such as Fortesip for her.


Thanks for the useful suggestions. We live in Toronto Canada. The Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, is as good as you can get anywhere. A Hematologist and Medical Oncologist have worked together to derive her chemo formulations. Neither of them have ever had this type of OC plus AIHE concurrently impacting outcomes. Below are my responses to the three replies I received.

As for relief from the Caelyx hives, she was placed on a 50 mg Benadryl drip and it went away in 15 minutes; as quickly as it initially came on. There were no take home meds. so it came back with a vengeance the next day; a Sat. I took her to the emergency folks who talked to the oncologist on call and he suggested the same 50 mg drip and after that hydrocortisone infusion. This time she got take home Benadryl 4 x 50 mg per day for 3 days. She was very weak for the next three weeks. This is the quality of life issue or what my crass outlook sees as pain vs. gain.

I am convinced that her Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia is the suspect for the severe reactions to standard dosage of Carboplatin / Taxal; for the first cycle. in Feb. She had to be hospitalized for 8 days to get her red blood cell count up from 36 to 76; suppressing her errant immune system from destroying her red blood cells. They used Prednisone infusions; doses starting at 60 mg and three months later tapered off 5 mg per week. Stopped by end of June.

While her cancer is back after 6 cycles, her red blood cell count is 98 (Normal is 120 to 160) without the immune suppressant steroid Prednisone since the end of June. Every two weeks blood work is required, every 3 weeks ascites fluid draining (last week 1.4 litres) She is 97 lbs. and 5 feet. I take her most days for 30 minute slow walks to maintain the strength in her legs.

Oncologist visit every month. On Nov 2 decision is needed to re- challenge Caelyx with meds (Benadryl 50 mg) the day prior, on the chemo day and take home meds.


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