Good morning ladies, I have been having chemo since April this year (second time around) and looks like a good few more months to go, my problem (apart from loads of side effects) I am not getting any exercise!, I try to take the dog for a walk, but after 5 mins, I am gasping for breath, so does anyone have any ideas on how I can get some exercise without getting out of breath, (no crunches, I'm 71). and well done everyone . your doing great xx

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  • Hi there,

    I'm exactly the same since my operation. My gp has referred me for physio. I go today at 3.30. I'm just hoping for some light exercises so I can build my strength back up. When Iv been I will give u an update.

    In the mean time probably get in touch with your gp and they might be able to refer you to physio too.

    I am trying to walk 5 mins each way up the street at home and then increasing it until I can do 10 mins, 15 mins and so on....

    A lot is in my mind not just body as u start to worry I won't get back. I don't know why but Iv got to break those thoughts.

    Good luck with exercising.

    Mandy, xx

  • Thank you Mandy, I will try that, making sure I have my phone with me in case I have to ring my husband to get me home, I do try and do light weights while sitting down, thought that would increase my muscle strength in my arms. will look forward to your input from your physio. take care xxx

  • Been to physio and he has given me two exercises. One is sitting in a chair and standing up without using your hands. Do as many as you can manage twice a day. The second is to hold onto the kitchen worktop or something like that, the back of a chair maybe, and do as many squats as you can. Again twice a day if possible.

    He did say to listen to your body. It's better to do something everyday instead of pushing yourself one day then not doing anything for two days or so.

    He agreed with the walking. Building up the time gradually, then instead of once build up to twice a day and so on....

    I have another appt in 3 weeks so just have to see how I go.

    I did have backache after all I did so on sofa with a hot water bottle, but it did make me want a drink of water which has to be good news.

    Hope u feel better soon.

    Mandy, xx

  • Thank you Mandy, I will certainly try those xx Jeanette

  • I've had lots of problems with exercise too, have a treadmill but by the time I've walked up two flights of stairs I'm done for. I need to try n get moving as need to lose weight. I was having coffee and cake with hubby earlier while we moaned about how much weight we have gained, then laughed at the irony of it. We are spring cleaning, my husband is a bit OCD when he gets going, so I'm expecting to get plenty of exercise at the weekend, I guess you don't have to go anywhere to start fitness just run up and down the stairs lol

    LA xx

  • Hello :) I've not had experience of chemo myself (so forgive me if this all sounds like silly suggestions) but having always been an active individual and cared for my darling Mum who had a short fight with liver cancer, you'd be surprised at how beneficial even short walks can be (nice and slowly and on the flat) just for circulation and endorphins. Also, if you're allowed to swim, even standing in the shallow end with a float or holding onto the side and doing some gentle leg movements is also a good form of low-impact resistance exercise, which can help too. As others have said as well, gentle regular physio will also help for all manner of reasons.

    I think the best advice is to listen to your body and do what you feel you can on days you feel you can. On other days, just rest. Your body is already doing a lot of hard work healing/coping with the chemo so be kind to yourself xx

  • Just a few minutes walk about will gain you strength and then you can increase it to a little longer. I've been there and know how frustrating it feels but don't try to go too far. Just a thought, is your blood count ok because it could also be a sign you are anaemic especially if you are getting breathless.I had this problem and was given a course of iron tablets. XX 🌷

  • It could well be as Angeline says, you may be anaemic, make an appointment with your gp for a blood test if this continues to bother you. Short walks at first to build up the stamina and then increase gradually. Maybe you are walking in a hilly area, I find that even a bit much. If hubby could drive you to a flat area like a park you can take your time and build distrance up bit by bit, it is a bit of baby steps

  • thank you for all you reply's, My husband has just bought me a simple cycle exercise machine I can use in the aircon, It is so hot here in Spain at the moment, walking has to be before 7.30 in the morning, or after 9.30 at night, I am hoping this will help. xxx

  • I do have Iron to take every day, so hope it is helping me with anaemia. xxx Jeanette

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