Oncologist appointment through for next Thursday to discus my treatment plan, I feel as that all I have done these past couple of months is wait for either tests , results diagnosis, and treatment . 

Found myself looking on the Internet today looking to see how often these dreaded cells divide and spread . as worried it has spread while I have been waiting.


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  • Hi Ellsey.  Do you know yr diagnosis? Try not to google for statistics etc. The internet cant tell you what will happen to you, to be honest even the experts cant be totally sure. When I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer Stage 3 in October 2007 I was told I had a 'couple of years' . as you can see im still here, to my knowledge no evidence of disease despite 2 recurrences, ( I have a scan booked for  next week) . I wish you well Kathy xx

  • Kathy hi

    Yes after being mid diagnosed with surface peritoneal  I have now been diagnosed officially with high grade stage three primary peritoneal. I have been told 3 rounds chemo, surgery then another three rounds of chemo.

    I just feel it has taken forever to diagnose and I am always waiting to hear for. appointments and outcomes . But then I read posts from everyone on this page and think to myself so many brave warriors.


  • The waiting is the worst in all this. Im having my scan next week then I have a two week wait for the results. Luckily Im going on holiday for nearly two weeks so I'll worry about the results when I get back. I've learnt to try not to worry, worry wont change anything except make me miserable whilst Im waiting and being miserable means I dont get to enjoy whatever I have planned etc, makes me not enjoy the time with people I love. Please post again and let us know how things are going. oh and stay away from google lol unless of course yr going some online retail therapy xx

  • Exactly the same as me.  After two cycles of chemo my ca responded remarkably well.  Suffering a bit from this last cycle of chemo and refused a weekly taxol last week but op is on 8th may.   I was so so scared at the beginning and written myself off.  Once you start your treatment you will have a focus.  Good luck.  By the way now scared of op but it's another step to recovery. Tracey. 

  • Thanks Tracey good luck with your next treatment, it really does help having support from women who understand what you are going through with this disease and let you know you are never alone.


  • Hi Ellsey,

    Don't do the dreadful Google thing, we are all so different, there's no point telling you not to worry,but once you have a plan in place things will get better.

    Just try to do some nice things for you to divert your attention,spend time with friends and family and try to sit in the sunshine,we have all been there and know what you are going through, keep a positive mind and you will get through.

    There is always someone here for a chat,

    Take care

    Carole xxx

  • Thank you all xx

  • Hello Ellsey, like you I had to wait a couple of months for a proper diagnosis but once that was done, things moved swiftly. Until they are completely sure what type of cancer it is, they cannot be sure what chemo to give you.  I also was told three cycles, poss four, then the op, then another three. So good luck with everything and as soon as you have that first chemo, it will be zapping those cells nicely away.  Helen

  • Hi Ellsey, dont google, anyway all those stats are way out of date for one,  Some of the US threads are so scary, its best stay clear of them to be honest,   Believe in your team of doctors, we are here to support you and there is also an Ovacome nurse available to answer any questions you have.   I agree the waiting is awful but now you have a plan and that is good.  I wish you well in your treatment and your surgery.

  • Dear all thank you for your inspiring words. 


  • Hi Ellsey, what a lovely photo!  Gio

  • I would keep off the internet! I did the same as you after being diagnosed with PPC stage 4 in July 2013 and scared myself so much I could not stop crying and started to clear out the house so when I was gone no one had too much to do. How stupid was that? 3 years later still here filled up the spaces I cleared after some retail therapy, I have had some enjoyable holidays, visits from daughter and grandchildren from OZ and son and family from Israel and have a cruise planned for May.

    The medics know what will be best and I am sure you are in good hands. 

    Good luck

    Mopsie xx

  • Hi Ellsey, as the ladies have said, stay away from Dr Google.  Trust in your own team.  Stay positive.  Take up a new hobby to keep you occupied when your immune system is at its lowest and you are avoiding crowds etc in order to prevent infection.  I learned how to crochet from video tutorials on YouTube and made myself a comfort afghan lol.  Get some tracksuit trousers or something similar for chemo days, makes going to the loo with the drip stand so much easier!  Also they will be comfortable after you've had surgery.  Once you get started  you'll be fine and we will be here to reassure you.  Good luck.  Ann xo

  • Thanks Ann

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