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What to know your story with granulosa cell tumor

So here is my back story. October 2014 I was diagnosed with GCT I had a 8cm tumor in my right ovary it was removed with the tube not chemo or radiation it was caught early October 2015 I got the clear to get pregnant from my dr. Now I'm 15 weeks pregnant and my gynecologist ran some test my hormone levels are too high for my age I don't see my oncologist until March 2 my question is can my pregnancy be make the GCT come back I know it's a hormone receptive tumor and I know that there not a lot of information on this tumor but has anyone been through this

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I also have GCT, first diagnosed 8 years ago. I know it's hormone receptive, but I have no idea of the effects of a pregnancy on it I'm afraid. I would think your best bet would be to ask your oncologist when you see him next week.

Also, if you're on facebook, there is a facebook group, GCT survivor sisters, with over 400 members. Many of them are in America, but some are in England & other countries. I don't know whether anyone there has any experience of pregnancy with GCT.

I wish you well for the future.



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