Jenny's husband

Hello all.

I just wanted to drop by to wish you all a peaceful and pain free Christmas. A lot of you won't know me but all I will say is I received so much support from you all when my Jenny was diagnosed with ovarian cancer back in Feb 2014. I do drop by from time to time just to keep in touch and to try to keep myself ovarian cancer aware and also to see what treatments are being offered.

So, to all of you lovely people have a good a Christmas as you can and hopefully the new year will bring good news to as many of you as possible

Love and best wishes Alan xx

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  • Thanks for your good wishes Alan and your quiet support. I hope you enjoy Christmas though it will be tinged with sadness.

    Sending love xx Annie

  • I wish you a happy, peaceful Christmas. I realise it won't be easy, I will be thinking of you and all those who have lost loved ones. Vxxx

  • Wishing you a peaceful Christmas Alan. It is always good to hear from you.

    Best wishes x


  • Hi Alan ..

    I do remember and I know lots of friends on here will too.

    Wishing you every happiness. Love and best wishes to you too. Xx

  • Hello Alan,

    I am relatively new to this site (since August) and have been living with OC stage 3c since May 2011. Each Christmas, and if I'm honest almost each day since, has offered new treasures to notice. Take care, Lesley

  • Wishing you a happy Xmas also, it cant be easy for you but I imagine you will make the best of it. Thinking of you

  • Hello Alan, Thank you for thinking of us all. I to remember you. Wishing you a very Happy Christmas & New Year. Stay in touch with us we are still here for you. Love Trish x x

  • Dear Alan,

    Thanks for getting in touch and letting us know how you're getting on.

    I was thinking of you just the other day, you and the group of husbands, partners, families and friends we have got to know on here and who are now alone.

    It's good to know you still think of us.

    Hoping for the best possible festive period and new year for you all.....


  • Have a peaceful Christmas Alan full of loving memories. Those who stand by their loved ones are the unsung heroes and heroines in the battle against this dreadful disease. You are one of those heroes Alan. During my treatment I found that I was much more upbeat than my family and I am so sure that Jenny felt so loved and supported by you that you can never look back with regret. Stay in touch with us all

  • How nice to hear from you, Alan. Thank you for your good wishes. I remember when I read your first letter and felt such sympathy for you - and Jenny. I hope you can enjoy Christmas without too must sadness.

    With love, Solange. :-)

  • Thank you Alan. Wishing you a peaceful Christmas. Ann x

  • Good to hear from you Alan, and I wish you Happy Christmas and a healthy and peaceful new year. Love Bridie

  • Wishing you a Happy Christmas and lots of lovely memories.


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