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4th line treatent

I was diagnosed stage 2b ovca in November 2015. I recurred after nearly 5 years in October 2012, then again in August 2014. I have recurred again and about to start treatment with carbo/gem. I wondered if anyone has any advice on what to expect from this regime. I have tolerated the others fairly well and have been working full time until last week. I do feel really tired this time although my consultant said he is confident of getting it under control again. Thanks for your help. I don't post often but read the posts every day and know how helpful they can be.

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That's eight years and you're still working. I think you deserve a medal. I miss working but not when it's sunny! .. Xxxxx


HI govanhill, I am sorry you are back on chemo again. I was diagnosed in 2006 and my first treatment was carbo and taxol. I had Gem twice in 2010 and in 2013. I had CarboGem in 2010 and found it okay. I would get tired and have to take to bed early for a few nights but it was tolerable. In 2013 cocktail was Gem/Avastin . I found it a little harder this time. My whitel cells went into hiding but nothing major really they came back up themselves. I used Maxalon both times as anti nausea. I got a bit constipated and used the usual suspects as well as prunes and prune juice and kiwis. If you tolerated the others well enough you should be okay. We are all different in this illness. I have just finished the Avastin and at the moment things are stable. You did get a long break before first recurrence and this stands to you too, I would imagine your CNS will advise on anti sick and if steroids are necessary. They should give you a print out of the side effects etc but that doesnt mean you will get them all. I wish you the best in your treatment and hope you have a longer remission after this lot.


Hi I was on carb/gem earlier this year , it is a mild treatment ,you be ok, hope all goes well for you xx


Hello Govanhill. Firstly, you did well since your original diagnosis and I have no doubt you will do as well this time round - hard as it it each time. I am just finishing 4th line and previously was treated with carbo & taxol but taxol had to be dropped this time, and Gem was added in with carbo. However, had a bad reaction to Carbo this time round and ended up on Gem only. Even though some say this drug should be easier, I found it affected by "inside" systems badly. But on the last round of it now and my Onc is very pleased with my response, ie. the reduction in tumour size.

The only advice I will give you (well 2 pieces), firstly, talk to your Oncologist about any concerns you may have and secondly, tell your Onc and Liaison Nurse of any side effects you may have - there are drugs to resolve all of them and to help us.

So , sending you positive thoughts and kind wishes for your treatment regime.



Hi Govanhill

You've done amazingly well so far and it's lucky you tolerate chemo so well. I had carboplatin, gemcitibane and Avastin last winter. Generally I tolerated the chemo very well and had no problems though I did get quite tired going into hospital on Day 1 for the first chemo and then Day 7 for a top-up of gemcitibane. I think Gem tends to disrupt bloods so you may be offered GCS-F injections to boost white blood cell production and keep you free of infection. I found them very effective.

Good luck with your fourth line of chemo. I'm impressed you've managed to work through all this. Look after yourself and take a break if you need it.

xx love Annie


I found the first two cycles of carbo/gem avastin not too bad, just the usual nausea and threw up a few times until anti-sickness meds were changed. I do better on ondansetron. The third cycle completely knocked me back and I had to go to the day unit and have tests and a chest xray as I was feeling breathless,but one nurse suggested I might have had a virus. She may have been right as the 4th was ok but then the last 2 were harder again. I reoccurred then after 20 months and I'm on carboplatin alone now, 3rd line for me. I started on this path in Dec 2010.


Thanks for all your replies. It's great to speak to others in the same boat. I have managed to work mainly because it helps to take my mind off things. I am a nurse working in community but I will be 61 in January and I think it's time to call it a day. I have been interested in the recent posts about nhs pensions but not sure what tier 1 and 2 means. I am in Scotland so not sure if it is the same here. Any info would be great.


Hello there.

I'm so sorry that you are about to get back on the roundabout, its never a pleasant thought. With regards to your pension, I'm also not sure whether the rules are the same in Scotland, but I would initially talk to your employer and say that you are considering retirement on health grounds. Ask them to E mail your Pensions dept so that you can get a forecast of what you would be entitled to if you decide to procede.

Tier 1 and tier 2 differ in as much as it depends on whether they deem you fit to do work of any sort or duration. It is very confusing, but if you Google NHS Pensions and Ill health retirement it might make more sense than this waffle. Do be prepared though, that it can be quite a long drawn out process.

I do hope that I haven't confused you even more and wish you all the best in whatever you decide to do. If I can answer any questions, I would be happy to do so.

Take care. Ali x


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