My first post,just wanted to recommend a book

Hello ladies,

Just got The Cancer Survivor's Companion by Dr France's Goodhart and Lucy Atkins from Amazon as I am finding it sometimes difficult to deal with my fear of re-occurrence.

I always thought after the end of treatment I would be ecstatic at being alive and stupidly didn't think I would struggle with my moods and thoughts.

This book is very good at re-assurance and suggesting ways of dealing with life during and after our journeys.

Would love to hear how you cope

Carole xxx

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  • Hi Carole

    I found myself in the same place after treatment not knowing which way to turn trying to settle into the new normal but I recently went on a Penny Brohn living well course and found the mindfulness and meditation side of it really helpful although initially was a bit sceptical x

  • Thanks babesclunn I will look into it x

  • I am getting to the end of treatment and should be happy, but feeling ever more anxious. How do you deal with this? Knowing that it is likely to come back, how do you get on with your life?

  • It should be a time when you are relieved and get on with your life and to a certain extent you do and I'm sure people deal with it better than me. You need to focus on what makes you happy and try not to think about it coming back, there are some days when I don't think about the C word at all and there are some days when I am at a low.

    If you lived in Kent I'd say meet up!

    But my advice would be take each day at a time, keep busy,but don't feel guilty if you have a duvet day and talk to us ladies if you need to,

    Do you want to talk about your journey so far?

    If not, wish you all the best, Carole xxx

  • Hi Carole

    Whereabouts are you In Kent? I am in Broadstairs so maybe we could meet sometime?

  • There were three things that really, really helped me at this point, the book you mention, Penny Brohn's 'Living Well' course that Babsclunn recommends and finally this article by Dr Peter Harvey which I think should be offered to everyone! Sx

  • Thank you sunfleury,

    That just about sums up how I feel, read with some emotion tonight, I know I'm not going mad, but it's just to have that re-affirmed and I agree should be offered to everyone,

    Wish you well,

    Carole xx

  • Great article. Pretty much sums up what I'm feeling. I am with the Leeds hospitals and am being referred to the clinical phycologist I wonder whether it will be Dr harvey. I have also booked onto a living with cancer course too.

  • It's good isn't it? Shame we aren't all nearer,we could set up our own support group! Xxx

  • Very good article, thanks for posting this! Xx

  • Likewise,really appreciated it too xxx

  • I have just read dr Harvey article and cried as it was all true x

  • Many tissues used too,I'm relieved there are some likeminded souls out there xxx

  • That is brilliant thank you for posting.

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