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Primary peritoneal cancer

Sister just finished 4 chemo treatments , then HIPEC surgery, did full hycterectomy, took part of diaphragm, liver, and appendix. She then got MRSA in the drainage. She is 3 weeks out from HIZpec surgery and still not eating. Just drinking. A potassium critically low, kidneys took a hit from the vancomycin. she is still in hospital from the infection. CT came back suspicious. She is stage 4. Anyone with similar experiences. Would be interested in hearing others journey as we are just starting. she has been diagnosis end for 1 year. What are other MD's saying as prognosis?

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Hi, I'm sorry to hear your sister got an infection. Not the best with everything else she's facing 😒 I was diagnosed with PPC stage 4 July 2014 I had 6 rounds of chemo followed by ultra radical surgery inc debalking, liver resection, TAH, removal of spleen, appendix, omentum and some of my diagparam went. I then had another 3 rounds of chemo. I was given the all clear or NED in Feb 2015 and so far so good. I have just had my check up scan and am waiting results, I have also been on Avastin 3 weekly since January 2015 and am due to finish this in December. Hugs to you and your sister xxx


Thanks, Glad to hear things are going well for you. I wanted to talk with others further down the road than us. As we make this journey we may reach out to you.


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