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Removal of ovaries

I am 62 years old. Have had ER PR positive early stage breast cancer twice, right breast 2001, left breast 2014. Preliminary BRCA testing is negative. CA 125 was a12. Both my oncologists, upper and lower LOL, are strongly advising me to have my ovaries removed even though there doesn't seem to be any genetic propensity. Their reasoning is because of my two time breast cancer and a history of breast cancer and ovarian cancer on my mothers side, grandmother and aunt.

I am concerned about the side effects of having my ovaries removed even though I have been post menopausal since 50.

Has anyone else been in this situation.

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I had early pre cancerous breast cancer if that makes sence? It was not cancer but could well turn cancerous. I am a belt and braces kind of person and will do what ever it takes to prevent cancer. I had a double mastectomy aged 33yrs as they could not give me regular breast screening as breast tissue is too dense at that age so it was a " Well if you find a lump let us know" So off they came !

Its a totally individual decision and the OVa nurse will hopefully give you the information you need about how the removal of your ovaries at your age may mean for you . The other ladies have found the nurse's on this site very informative and supportive. You may be worrying about symptoms you wont even get, so give them a call and let us know how you get on.

very best wishes.


HI. While not in the same familial cancer history as you....I had a total hysterectomy nearly 5 yrs, also post menopausal, and while ovarian cancer was detected...it saved my life.

You may however, suffer some hot flushes or power surges as I like to call them afterwards.

But if it provides a better chance of survival, think positively and take the Onc advice.

However, it is YOUR decision and do what you think is best.




Hello. At the Ovacome Members Day in May this year, if I understood correctly, one of the speakers, Andy Nordin (Consultant Gynae Oncologist & Surgeon) said there is evidence to suggest that some/many ovarian cancers starts in the filopian tubes and so removal of filopian tubes only can, in some cases, be sufficient safeguard in cases of possible genetic connection. I have stage 3c clear cell carcinoma ovarian cancer, currently in remission after the second intensive chemo regime, and am waiting for a referral for genetic tests as have a daughter, now almost 41 & who will have no more children, plus 3 grand-daughters, so feel could be of value to them. I wonder if your situation is worth talking to the nurses helpline at Ovacome? Lesley


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