My Ovacome

Dont know what to believe anymore

Right !

Not felt right for years since perri menopaus

Tiredness bloatedness and constipation have been constant

Doc finally started testing me for stuff and had four CA125 tests all came back raised but not off the scale

Sent for scan which showed cysts on both ovaries plus endometriod tissue resulting in a conversation where she stated she would not confirm or deny that could be cancer and we booked first available appointment with gynecologist. This was done 3rd April with first available appointment being 16th June.

Wrang her for another sick note at least to cover me until the gynea appointment. She was reluctant to do this and now said she thinks when I get to the hospital appointment that when they scan me again everything will probably have gone away.

I know I am not myself !

I feel for the last few yrs like ive been treated like im a malingerer!

So far its cost me my career my life my savings as have only just been signed off since Christmas

Dont know what to think anymore

Does anybody know of someone whos had symptoms and raised bloods and scans that show abnomalities that just dissappear ?

Feedback please


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