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Ca125 clear

Hi , I gave over time had grion pain and trouble going to the toilet . Last week I went to emerg doctors with terrible lower tummy pains . My doctor sent me for ca125 and f. B. count . Both have come back clear . I have had 4 prolapse ops and due for 5th plus re acurring uti's . I'm not sure if I should push for more tests or accept doctor is right and put it down to ibs ? Thanks for reading x

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Hi, Tiataz,

I don't know anything about your age or past medical history, so I cannot comment on whether or not your symptoms are likely to be down to IBS. If it is any help, I have read that a new diagnosis of IBS in a woman over the age of 40 should be a red flag for doctors to ensure that suffficient tests are done to rule out ovarian cancer. That is not to say that it will always prove to be due to ovarian cancer, just that it is sufficiently possible that they do need to rule it out! Of course younger women can develop ovarian cancer too, so the age limitation should not be seen as cast in stone!

You might find it helpful to print out the BEAT symptom tracker on the Ovacome main site, and record any symptoms you have so that you can show your doctor.

One other thought that does occur to me is that you mention quite a lot of abdominal surgery. That could be a pointer towards the possibility that you have adhesions, so it might be worth asking your doctor about that.

Hope you get some answers soon - worrying is the pits!


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Hi bj thanks for replying ... I had my womb out few years back due to period problems . I'm 53 and had ibs for some years . I've had different prolapse ops and they don't seem to hold up for long . I suffer with bloating and I do get bad stomache pains but they do go away . I think when I said I felt like something was stuck in my throat and intergestion also my doctor seemed worried . I have been feeling so scared since I had the blood tests done . I phoned yesterday and receptionist said tests were clear but I no people say you can have clear test but still have oc .


I think you need to chill a little, have you had your thyroid checked?



Hi lily , I think I've had most tests done apart from cancer ... It's the not knowing that's a worry . I can't believe how much calmer I have felt reading the posts on hear , everyone has been through so much and lots have come out smiling . I only hope if it proves I have ov I can be as brave as you all . Sending u best wishes for Friday . Fingers crossed for you . Xx


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