Hi, I am feeling apprehensive as I am taking my first holiday abroad since my diagnosis in Oct 2012 and the loss of my darling husband in

the Dec of the same year. I have also decided not to declare I have oc and just taken out the basic travel insurance, I have been assured by my doctor that the likelihood of oc rearing its ugly head in the two weeks away are very slim, I used to be so confident but this disease can take you over a little bit sometimes. Pam x

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  • Dear Pam

    I'm so pleased to hear you're taking a holiday. You've had such a tough time and it takes a lot of courage to pick up the pieces and resume some semblance of normality.

    I hope you have a really lovely holiday. Where have you decided to go? I have no holiday insurance for ovarian cancer. It's been crossed off my insurance policy. I've had a lot of trips abroad and haven't had any worries on the OC front, though I have made a claim for loss and theft.

    Take care. xxx love Annie

  • Dear Annie, Thank you for replying, I have taken several holidays in this country on my own and this is the first time abroad since I lost my husband. I am going to Lake Molveno in Nothern Italy with my sister which we always enjoy as she is so laid back and cool about everything. Love Pam x

  • That sounds just the job Pam. Have a really great time. xx

  • Have a great time Pam. I've been travelling abroad since 2011 with this extra passenger and all has been well. X Trish

  • Thanks Trish I intend to. Pam x

  • Dear Pam,

    I understand the apprehension... but if you're feeling ok... go for it and enjoy.

    Best wishes love x G x 8-)

  • Dear Gwyn, I certainly intend to, I think in the position we ladies are, we have to make the most of the times we feel well. Love Pam x

  • Have a lovely time, your Dr is most likely right and all will be fine.

    Look forward to hearing what a fab time you had xxx

  • Thank you, I am sure all will be fine, just got a bit of the colley wobbles.Love Pam x

  • So pleased you've booked a holiday, Pam. Go for it, there's got to be more to life than Cancer. You'll probably be a bit more apprehensive nearer the time but once away it'll be great.

    Love Solange :-)

  • So great for you to have a wee break. Hope you both have a lovely time

    Ally x

  • The way I feel, not Oc, thankfully, but been through alot recently...can i jump in your suitcase and pop along to Italy with her:)) pretty please....lol. All the best tho, have a fab time. Jane x

  • Hope you have a fabulous holiday in a beautiful part of the world!

    However, I'm a bit worried when you say that you haven't declared the OC.

    If you fail to declare something significant, it can void your insurance if you have to claim for anything else -- so if you had something as simple as a sprained ankle following a trip, or an infected insect bite, the insurance company would refuse to cover your medical costs for that, even though it would be nothing whatsoever to do with your OC.

    If you mean that you simply haven't insured for the OC, then fair enough, I've done the same -- but you must declare it, otherwise you will be effectively uninsured for everything else too. :(

    Don't forget to make sure your EHIC card is up to date (they expire!) then at least you will be able to access some basic medical care with that, if you're unlucky enough to need to see a doctor whilst you're away!

  • Brilliant .. I hope you have a lovely time with your sis. Xx

  • I understand your anxiety as I feel more like that now when we go away and I think this illness just knocks our sense of security so being away from home can feel more risky. However I agree with all the others that we need to make the most of life when we can. I've had oc for nearly 10 years and am nearly at the end of 5 th line chemo and I'm planning a trip abroad as soon as I feel well enough. We've travelled a lot since I got this illness but now we mostly stay in Europe as it means we can get emergency medical care with our reciprocal health agreement, ehic. Sounds like it will be fun with your sister and Italy is lovely. Funnily enough I was just browsing Italian holidays!

    Have a great time love Francesca x

  • Have a great time , I have been away on holidays since I completed my first treatment in 2009 with no problems. Enjoy!

  • Sounds wonderful Pam. Have a lovely time, you deserve it.

    Love Mary xx

  • It sounds a lovely destination and excellent companion (your sister that is) and you certainly have had a tough time. I too exclude my cancers from my insurance, each time a bit more nervously, but I reason that if I started feeling symptoms I could get home. We mustn't let this horrible disease take over. Have a lovely time!xx

  • Hi. I hope you have a lovely relaxing time, you deserve it. If your hol is in the EEA (European Economic Area) you will be be covered for all emergency medical treatment by an EHIC card, so if anything were to happen (most unlikely as your GP said) then that could give you more peace of mind. You can apply online at nhs.uk where there is more info (it's free). It covers pre-existing conditions. I've had many hols since my diagnosis over 7 years ago, some in the EEA and some outside, and I always find it adds that extra layer of confidence. Hope that helps and have a terrific time, Merylx

  • The EHIC card only covers a traveller to receive the same level of emergency care as a resident of that country would receive. That varies from one country to the next - the UK is the only place (as far as I know!) to have a comprehensive free-at-the-point-of-delivery system. In many places the locals would have to pay and so will a traveller with an EHIC; it's just that you can access the stated-subsided health care rather than being compelled to pay for private care.

    I don't know what Italy's health system is like. I would certainly get an EHIC card; but unless someone is going without medical insurance altogether, I would also defend my comments above about declaring everything, even if you choose an option to leave some aspects of your health uninsured. Otherwise you pay for insurance which the company will invalidate should they find out that you've not declared something, and the whole policy will go to waste.

  • So glad u can treat yourself to a nice hol. Enoy

  • Hi Pam. I am the same as you (although I still gave my lovely supportive hubby). My last holiday abroad was June 2012, diagnosed July 2012, and not been abrad since then. I have really missed a holiday in the sun. Here in the UK it's a but hit and miss with the weather. We have just booked to go to Crete for a week in October (not too hot). I also have decided not to take insurance, it's far too expensive. I shall take the basic for loss of suitcase etc.

    I hope you and your sister have a great time. Irene xx

  • Thank you to all the ladies who posted. I will post again when I return. Best Wishes Pam x

  • Hope you have a lovely holiday,

    Love Kaz xx

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