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HRT... Causing lack of sleep?

I finaly started my HRT 24 days ago.. And since I've been taking them after about a week ( I'm guessing that's when they kicked in) oftaking them I'm up in the night a few times and finding it hard to sleep, though they are defo working my hot sweats are near gone maybe 1 a day!! So maybe I can bear a less sleep just to have no ht flushes lol

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Hi Belle

I've been having the same problems- started HRT a couple of months ago! I find I can get to sleep but then I wake up a couple of times through the night- really annoying and I don't feel rested! I hope that it eases off after a while? I think it is a fairly common side effect?



Hi ladies

I seem to have the opposite problem. I had my hysterectomy 6 weeks ago and now seem to wake up several times throughout the night with hot flushes and can't actually get to sleep for ages. I'm not on HRT yet as the consultant wanted me to wait 6 weeks but I was hoping that HRT would help with the sleeping problem but maybe that won't be the case after all


I was the same just after my operation I only had my ovaries removed and still have my womb... But my menopause started with a day of my operation and my hot flushes where outrageous! I didn't sleep at all for the first few months then they sort of eased or the fact I just got use to them lol.. I have to wait 3 months for my HRT but it defo made a massive difference being on the HRT. I tried not to have hot baths or showers b4 bed and no matter how cold it was outside I always has the window open lol.x


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