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Cin3/cgin off for scan -advice please


I am nearly 28 and have a 15month daughter - since my daughter was born I have had persistent pain in my lower back and tummy, I have always put it down to childbirth and the changes of the body I have also since having a baby had chronic constipation and frequency in urination. After a routine smear test I had a high grade dsykorisis result. I have since had a loop procedure and the results came back with CIN3/CGIN - they have referred me for a scan to check any further abnormalities - after looking online I am now terrified my other symptoms such as constipation and urine frequency with the persistent pain hints at OC , I am terrified - if there is anyone out there who can relate please do as I am so scared to leave my daughter without me

Many thanks

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Hi there ..

It's easy for me to say, but the time to worry is when you are told something's not right. Ovarian cancer is relatively uncommon and the average doctor will see one case every five years. My advice is not to Google .. It makes for depressing reading and a lot of it is out of date. In the meantime, you're in the hands of the experts. Sending you my good wishes x x


I have to agree with Tina that you are frightening yourself you could give the helpline a ring tomorrow and ask their advice tel 0845 371 0554 they might put your mind at rest.

There is no screening for Ovarian cancer ..,and as you have had a smear test and found something amiss I would think that you are already under investigation.

Best wishes love x G x


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