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The future of NHS Choices

NHS Choices is a very popular source of information about ovarian cancer, and lots of other areas of health care, treatments and services. It is now superseded by the new NHS Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC). For some months it has not been possible for Ovacome, and all other charities, to update and edit their information material on the NHS Choices website because of the uncertainties about its future. HSCIC is now working to resolve that problem, which is a relief. In the meantime, both NHS Choices and HSCIC sites are available, so between them they should be able to answer some of your information needs.

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Blimey! The name of the new site is not exactly catchy or memorable.



Good update thanks Ruth


Thank you for keeping us up to date, Ruth.

Love, Solange


Thanks. Forgive me for raving on, but how much of the current NHS budget is being handed over to private companies at the cost of patients because of the current 111 fandango??? Vxxx


Hi RuthGOvacome,

I think you may have got your wires crossed slightly. The Health & Social Care Information Centre is a big umbrella organisation that runs lots of information systems across the NHS. NHS Choices is a public health information service now run by the HSCIC (rather than being replaced by). There has been talk of rebranding or repackaging the NHS Choices site once new services are added (eg. GP appointment booking, access to health records) - but these would be extras on top of the existing service.

In summary - the NHS Choices website will continue to exist as a public source of health information (more here: ). The HSCIC website will continue to exist as a source of statistical bulletins about the NHS and health services, and so on (more here: )

Rob Finch, NHS Choices


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