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Hi there everyone. I have PPC, 3 yrs now. I have suffered from an itch whenever things seem to be stirring. It is mainly around the perineum. It is not thrush and I do not have a urinary problem. I am clean. It drives me insane. Just before I was diagnosed I developed a rash on my hips and had this itch so am wondering if anyone else has had this problem. I know it sounds weird but its like the cancer excretes something from those orifices to make me crazy. My scan showed no disease progression last week even though certain lymph nodes are still enlarged but I don't feel exactly right so I think there is something going on. HELP if you can. I use a methanol based lotion which helped in the beginning and does help now but just wondered if anyone else suffers from this. Thanks. Chris.

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Hi Chris,

I did have a very persistent form of thrush which was exascerbated by the anti-biotics, and other traditional treatments. I thought it could not be thrush as it did not respond, but I'm now sure it was a very resistant yeast infection. Natural yoghurt and good diet, plus "Nystan" for 2 days, then not for 2 days, then for another 2 days got it in the end. It seemed to have set up in my alimentary canal, and was reinfecting over and over again.

Might it be the same for you? I also had no urinary problems.

The rash would also suggest possible shingles - so worth getting it checked.

I hope you solve it soon.

Best wishes,



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