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anyone else dealing with fertility issues?

I'm just starting the second phase of IVF (I had eggs removed and fertilised before having my ovaries removed last summer) and I'm really scared in case it doesn't work. I've been told I have a chance to try but I can't wait (not that I want to but I'm also back at work and knackered from that). Somehow I just can't feel hopeful about the IVF working, although I long for it to! Apparently I'll get two tries then I've to have a CT scan and if the hormones are making my borderline cancer grow again then I've been told I'll have to consider surrogacy. Some days like today I can cope and just about do my job ok, and other days (like yesterday) I feel torn apart by utter despair and grief. I wondered if there is anyone else on the forum going through this. I don't feel up to joining IVF networks as I feel so different from other IVF patients because of my cancer and surgery. I just feel really alone with this.

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I feel sad for your loss. I was never able to have children because my reproductive system didn't work properly and ended up in ovarian and uterine cancers at 40ish. I was rather gutted, but there is SOOOOO much more to life for a woman than having children. perhaps you cannot see that at present and the loss is too close and too painful. It takes some getting your head around, but I suggest some counselling with this. I feel incredibly fulfilled with my life as a woman despite the removal of all my reproductive organs, I enjoy my friends' children and I also very much enjoy a rich life without children. I wish you luck with the IVF, but assure you that if it doesn't work there will be a lot of life to enjoy for your personally even without your own children.


Hello Catherine,

I also had some IVF betwen operations (I had eggs removed and fertilised before having my final half ovary removed).

Although they had succefully fertilised 7 eggs and therefore enough for 2 or 3 attempts depending on how many eggs I wanted replanting, when they defrosted them only 3 were viable to implant and at that point I had to decide on having all 3 in or having 2 and re-freezing the single one for hopeful use later. I opted for all 3. It wasn't successful.

Some days I can talk about it and others I can't, even now 13 years on.

You are not alone, none of us ever are, especially on this site.

Sorry it's a late reply but real life sneaks up on us and then eventualy I catch up.





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