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Has any body had success with tamoxifen for a recurrence of high grade serous in post menopausal 62 year old.

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I am sorry I am not familiar with this med hopefully someone will come along and help you

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The short answer is no. It helped for 3-4 months. I ended up constipated. Hopefully it works better for you. Sharon


Hi I am on tamoxifen, my numbers have been rising since I was put on it the end of march. So I don't think it's working for me , I will see my oncologist again on the 21st of august. Hope it works for you. Love Julie xx


Hi Juliett

Thank you for replying. My ca 125 is not a good guide for me. I see my oncologist end of August. I am having a lot more symptoms so suspect it not working for me. I don't think they are side effects from tamoxifen . My tumours are in peritereun. Good luck with everything