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Hello - some of you have may seen the programmes on Channel 4 this week "stand up to cancer" (SU2C). Well anyway, a programme I recorded on C4 this week was Curing Cancer. Hope some of you may have seen it - fantastic. It followed 4 patients at a hospital in London and the new treatments/trials being offered. It was amazing - the way in which the medical staff explained, with excellent graphics, the tumours, treatments, etc being offered. It seems that in some cases the scan pictures are shown to patients with tumours shapes and sizes explained.

Some of the new treatments were heat/freeze treatments direct to tumours, immunology, trial drugs in tablet form, and chemo treatment directly into tumours - some done during MRI - brilliant.

Anyone out there who heard of such treatments or trials, or did any of you ever see your scan pictures. I always prefer to see what is happened as it is easier to understand a visual image than a verbal explanation.

Hope all well as the site is quiet at present. Will see you soon at coffee morning anyway.


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Hi Daisies, I missed the program Curing Cancer on Wednesday night. I tried to look at it this evening on the Channel 4 player but could only catch the 1st 17 minutes of it , it then went to adds and I could not get back on to it but intend to look at it from next week. Yes your are right the site is very quite at the moment. their seems to be a lot of women becoming members but have not posted yet and if any of you are reading please join us by posting the 1st time is the hardest and we are all here to help each other any way we can . Without me finding this terrific site last year I dont know where I would be now. Kittie


Hello Daisies and everyone. This is my first posting although I joined some time ago.

I watched the programme Curing Cancer and I agree with you it was brilliant and very informative. It is very heartening to see how far treatments have come and how targeted and precise they will be in the future.

The only scan I have seen was the very first one.

My personal history is that I had a borderline ovarian tumour in 2010. I had a total hysterectomy; my appendix and my omentum were also removed.

There was a less than 5% chance that this would spread and turn to ovarian cancer. Well someone has to be in that less than 5 % and it was me!

In March this year following a persistent cough I had an x-ray on my lungs. This came back abnormal with many lesions on both lungs. A subsequent scan and biopsy confirmed that is was secondary ovarian cancer with the same histology as the borderline tumour.

I had 6 sessions of chemotherapy - one every 3 weeks. The last session was on 4 September. The last scan confirmed that all of the lesions had cavitated so the chemo was successful.

The chemo is non curative and is being used as a control.

I will return to the hospital in December for another scan and to see what happens next.

I am very pleased to have this break between appointments and will be going on holiday for a week in November which I am really looking forward to as it has been a long summer.

Thank you ladies for all of your posts



EnaC. Lovely to hear from you. Thanks for update on your status - it is a bummer when OC returns, as we usually hope we are going to me the lucky one and be cured.

My history is on my profile - so no point in repeating.

Enjoy your holiday - as break after chemo is always welcome. My Oncol won't let me travel (abroad) at the moment - by my fingers etc are crossed that when current treatment line in finished (end of year) I will be able to go to the sun.

Enjoy your hol and do post again with any news, but more particularly, the next scan result



Hi Ena, welcome to our discussion, it is nice to meet you, I am glad the treatment went well for you and hope you get a long remission. The thing is as the other ladies said we are optimistic about new drugs coming on line to cure this cancer. It is a pain to have it. Mine is also chronic the onc describes it as treating it the same as high blood pressure, you act before it becomes a problem. At the moment on Avastin for the past twelve months, my recent scan was ok and I wasnt put back on chemo. I dont have to have a scan for another 5 months but back to the onc in January. They do the bloods every three weeks when I go for Avastin so the marker is monitored that way. Please post again and let us know how you are doing. There is an Ovacare coffee morning in Cork Nov 8th at Clarion Hotel and and information day coming up in Galway on 22nd November. Maybe you might come along to one if area is close to you


Hi daisies. Hope you are keeping well. Thanks for highlighting that programme. I saw it on Sky "on demand" It was excellent. Wouldn't have seen it only for you mentioning it. The Professor is always saying we're riding on the crest of a wave of new developments and I'm making it my priority to stay alive long enough for the next breakthrough! Stay well and hope you might feel up to the coffee morning on the 8th. X


Hi Daisies, I just saw the one programme about Clare who has womb cancer, she is a brilliant young lady, her life has been traumatic before cancer and she had many side effects from her treatment. I have met her on another site. She is so young and her chances of ever having a family are gone. I felt she was honest in her interview


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