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Travel Insurance

I went on a European cruise last August for 2 weeks whilst being a participant in a clinical trial. Whilst other companies wanted to charge me £2,500 for a single trip, the 2 companies below were fairer in their underwriting procedure in that both, I believe, look at your state of health one month prior to travelling and base the premium on that. They then write to your consultant to get the 'fit to travel' letter. I think in the end I paid just over £800 (BIG difference!) and I went with InsureWith only because I forgot about the other company! It's definitely worth checking with both though.

Insurewith(Travel Insurance Facilities Group)


Telephone: 0870 620 5000

Telephone: 0870 620 5000

InsureCancer (Medi Travel Care Ltd)


Telephone: 0125 278 0190 or 0845 649 0190

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Thanks that is good to know. I have health insurance and am covered under that but also I get a multi trip policy which covers me as well from the same company for 49 euro. So far didnt have to use it on my travels. Your policy seems a tad expensive


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