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Laryngectomy support

Hi there, I am my brothers carer and we live 12 miles outside Belfast, Northern Ireland. Are there any support groups online or in person that exist in Northern Ireland? If not, are there any large out there who would be interested in being part of one? My brother underwent a total laryngectomy at the Royal Victoria last April followed by radiotherapy (33) at Belfast City and he's not in a good place mentally and I know he would benefit from meeting others like himself as I can never understand what he's been through or how lonely and isolated he feels so please answer me if there's anyone out there? I await your reply x

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There is an oesophageal support group for Northern Ireland opa.org.uk/regional-shop/no...

but the surgeons would be different from those who would have operated on a larynx, I think, and the complications are very different. The OPA group may know the Northern Ireland picture well enough to be able to advise you; or the surgeons may have some good advice. I can understand how isolated it would make your brother feel, and I am sure it would be a good thing if he could meet up with others in a similar position.

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