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How’s everyone doing with home schooling? I’m losing the will...

I did contact the school who were supportive in the sense they said “don’t put yourself under pressure” but I know there are families with two parents at home who are doing loads. I’m a single working parent and not able to do as much and feel the school need to be actually teaching what they expect the children to do/learn, rather than just sending the work. With the expectation of me doing the teaching, for them to be able to do the work.

Private schools are doing video calls and are back at school. Yet other kids are getting next to nothing.

How’s everyone else’s schools working?

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Hi LawsonLion

I think it differes very much from one area to another - having spoken to parents at our transtition session last week some schools as you say are offering vidoe calls, some taking larger numbers of children. I know my grandchildrens schools ahve been good at keepinhg touch here in West Norfolk but the children still at home and think starting to lose the interst of home schooling. My daughter has started to break the school day up a bit now and tends to do sit down learning in the morning , on line, work books etc then afternoons more creative - craft or out doors walks , home made nature trails etc.

What about others? anything working really well for you out there?

MrsHelloCommunity Ambassador

Hi Sorry for the delay in replying. How has your week been? I know what you mean, it’s exhausting to keep the children motivated. I think a lot of schools are quite relaxed as just want children to come through it all and ready to learn when they go back. To begin with I did try to loads but I realised we needed to learn Differently at home and now pace myself. We have done lots of nature walks, baking (less in the heat Lol) and just active home learning. I think I will be very glad when we get a routine school day Back again although I know that won’t be straightforward after such a long time off. X