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Barretts Oesophagus

I was diagnosed with Barretts Oesophagus in 2010 and every 2 years have to go for biopsies. Have tried many PPI medications for the condition but my body rejects the drugs, the only thing that I can take is Ranitidine 150mg which I take twiice daily. After many years of being woken up in the middle of the night choking on bile was referred for the Nissen Fundoplication operatioan which touch wood has solved the issue of the bile and heartburn - the operation took longer than usual as the sphincter valve at the base of the oesophagus was not working and they had to wrap the top part of my stomach over the oesphagus twice beause of this. My endopscopy this year showed no change in the barretts cells but showed mild chemical duodinitis and was admitted to hospital back in January with severe acute pain which turned out to be an inflamed gallbladder which showed evidence of gallstones that I had passed and the gallbladder had cholesterol stones inside. Has anyone had any problems with duodinitis and also problems with their gallbladders when you have barretts oesophagus?

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Hi Suem,

Your story is very similar to mine - except I'm lucky I've missed out (so far) on the duodenitis.

I've had Barrett's for at least 18 years. (In fact I diagnosed myself - but that's another story.)

I was variously prescribed Ranitidine and most of the available PPTs. Just a few years ago I was on 80mg omeprazole and suffering with a whole raft of side effects.

Then I had the fundoplication and it gave me my life back. I went from total fatigue, unable to walk more than 50 yards, to now drug free and cycling between 20 and 30 miles every morning before breakfast.

But it was few months after my fundo I had the most severe abdominal pain I'd ever experienced. It was an inflamed gallbladder which I had removed by yet another laparoscopic procedure.

If you want a long read, my experiences may be found here: sites.google.com/site/robic...

and here: sites.google.com/site/robic...

All the best



Hi Chris,

Its good to know that I am not the only one with this condition (sometimes it feels like I am) and has gone through what I have. After the operation last year I stopped taking Ranitidine and when I was biopsied they told me to go back on it - I am hoping that the duodenitis will go away now that I am taking the medication again and not having abdominal pains (touch wood even though I am getting pain in the lower right shoulder blade since having the gallbladder out which I will have to get investigated (its probably old age!) but will have to wait another 18months before I have my next biopsies done. I am 45 now so have many trips to the hospital to look forward to.

You have done really well to be so active - it puts me to shame but is inspirational.

I will click on the links you have supplied as well.

Many thanks



Hi there,

Try blitzing with aloevera juice, drink to sooth the condition.

An "alkalysing" diet is very helpful: reduce/ avoid acid forming foods especially meat and diary. Eat lots of greens.

Avoid slumping after eating. Instead, have a short walk (100 paces) and sit up straight during and after food. (Yoga with a well trained teacher helps with posture).

-Slumpting pushes acid up eosospagus where is causes burning and eventually cell mutation, or exposure to disease.

Eat light in the evening.

Try to create relxed atmosphere around food.

Stress acidifies us...

Wish you well!


Hi Carl,

I will look into trying aloevera juice with regards to my condition. I rarely eat meat but should eat more greens, I am guilty of that. I don't slump after eating but tend to sit at the table for 5 minutes and then get up so the food has time to go down a bit before moving.

Thanks for the advice and will definately take your advice on board and see how things go.



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