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Diagnosis of Hiatus Hernia and GERD 4 June 2010 and no treatment, not a simple pill offered

Hi, I am just trying to get some advice as I cant get anywhere at all. Was diagnosed 4th June 2010 with GERD and Hiatus Hernia, also Peptic Ulcer Disease, but have had NO treatment whatever apart from Gaviscon I bought, but the lable said go to GP if you need this for more than a week. Still nothing. I had a private Colonoscopy on 29th May 2010 and 3 Adenomas and 7 Polyps were removed so as far as I know I am clear there, but lost 5 stone in 6 months, by xmas 2010 and another half a stone Jan-Feb 2012. Was just under 12 stone and now 6st 8lb and skin and bone, and from a ladies size 20 am now a 6 or 12-13 year old childs clothes. but STILL no action. I am so confused. My symptoms are that I am never hungry but manage to eat enough to hold my weight static now. When I do eat from the second spoon full or a couple of sips of tea I belch like a road digger and feel it coming back up, and the acid follows through at least 3-4 times a week burning my throat. When drinking sometimes it feels like the fluid is a square peg going down a round hole and it gags and chokes me. I often throw up straight after eating. There is visiable blood in my stools, I switch from Constipation to the opposite every few weeks and I admit I am getting worried now. My father died of Esophageal Cancer at 64 and my sister died of Stomach Cancer aged 55. They were both taken to hospital and it was too late. Dad lasted 5 days and was gone, and they opened my sister up and closed her straight away. She died 3 days later. Am i worrying too much? How can I get treatment? They think I am am mad but cant see how this is affecting me psychologically. Just dont know what to do to get some treatment. My spine has now gone in 3 areas and the Consultant says I am too 'frail' for surgery as I had a 'Backwash' and for a minor surgery recently I had to be Intubated incase it happened again and went into my Lungs due to lying on my back during the procedure, so i am living on Class A drugs till I am well enough for surgery and I can't see how that is right. I have no money left for Private after paying for initial Diagnostics, Endoscopy and Colonoscopy, and am starting to feel my days are numbered. Any advice out there for me please?? What are my rights etc or do i just wait till they do something?...

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To control the acid and your peptic ulcer, a PPI such as Prilosec would be the best treatment. You can probably get a cheaper generic version of omeprazole from Walmart?

To control the reflux, you need to keep vertical after eating for a few hours and avoid any exercise that constricts the stomach.

Do try and get a gastroscopy to check no significant damage has been done to your esophagus.

Sorry but I don't know what your rights to treatment are in US without insurance.


I agree with Chris. An endoscopy is the main method by which oesophageal cancer would be diagnosed. In the UK they normally take samples for a biopsy. If cancer is found, and it is suitable for surgery, the treatment typically would be chemotherapy followed by the surgery. After that there is sometimes more chemo / radiotherapy. But this does depend on the fitness of the patient.

Adenomas can be benign.

You will lose weight if you are unable to eat.

A hiatus hernia means that the valve stopping stomach acid from coming up into your oesophagus will not work properly.

Obviously something serious is happening. The hiatus hernia and GERD (which we call GORD in the UK) suggests that the stomach acid is a big problem for you. PPI medication switches off the production of stomach acid.

Sometimes there is also bile reflux, and bile is an alkali so the PPI medication (eg omeprazole, lansoprazole) may be ineffective for that reason.

Blood in your stools may be piles / haemorrhoids, but the advice is to get that checked out if it has been happening for more than three weeks.

I am wondering if there are two sides to what you have described? One is an accurate diagnosis of exactly what is happening, and whether you have remembered all that the doctors have told you at various times? Is is possible to go back to them for further clarification?

The other side of it is how you cope with that diagnosis and what may happen next. It is a lot to get your head around, and you may find it useful to talk it through with friends and so on.

You have our very best wishes



Thanks for the above replies.

Alan you saying something serious is going on reinforces my view. All reports from Germany and NHS in UK were the same, including another report i found a couple of days ago on a UK Endoscopy, of Esophagitis, Grade B on LA scale. There are breaks in the mucosal folds at 39, 2 or more 5mm, if that means anything to you. I dont have Cancer but am concerned that all these conditions are connected andwhat the future holds. There is aldo H Pylori that they havent been able to iradicate so thats probably making the Ulcers worse.

I saw a Dr who agrees I have had a lot of tests and I see him Thursday. He is new and at least listened to me.

My hope is to get refered to a decent Gastro and ask for surgery I suppose.I had a Perforated Ulcer 2 years ago that was diagnosed but not treated and I wonder if it has caused scarring and an obstruction but only an Endoscopy will sort that one out.

I have been a bit of a fool and waited for action for far too long or walked away upset when nothing happened, or told to go away, but I called the PCT and explained and they called the surgery so now I hope to get some help.

The most curious thing is that I am being refered to an "Eating Restoration Clinic" to get nutritional help and try to put some weight on...but I have to have an assessment from the local Mental Health Team??? That is the strangest thing ever.

I feel like they think I am making it all up but I have every Report in my possesion and coppies are in my records.

I really dont need the extra stress of these silly appointments and Practice Manager meetings and requesting coppies of my records.

I always attend appointments with one of my carers, who keep a log on my food intake and even prepares my food, and reports what i eat and what stays put and what comes out again. They are funded by Adult Social Care and have to keep logs for my anual assesment.

I was most curious to find out if this going around the houses to get treated is the norm.

Thanks for your input, will see what happens Thursday. Babs,


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