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Stomach cancer confirmed

Although I was expecting this result It is still a bitter pill to swallow. Now the medical team will discuss my options. I may get to know their opinions in 5 days day.

The thing is - what option would or should I choose if offered?

1) Gastrectomy if the surgeon is willing to take the risk at my age, being over 80, though I am generally still quite fit and active.

2) Chemotherapy. Its not a cure I have been told. It may prolong life, but by how much I have not been told and then there is the dreadful sickness to cope with.

3) Do nothing; just carry on as normal and hope I can survive another year? Two would be nice!

Its so hard to know what's for the best.

Has anyone else or their loved one had to make such a choice, and do you think it was the right choice?

I would dearly like to hear from anyone and everyone who has been in this dilemma.

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My father was 72 when he was diagnosed with stage 3 stomach cancer. The doctors gave him 6 - 8 months. That was 5 years ago. He had chemo for 6 months to shrink tumour, then had his stomach removed and then was 2 years cancer free, then cancer came back and more chemo. During this time he has been taking a product , a dietary supplement called Lentinex , which I believe helped him which on chemo , it makes it more bearable. I say start your treatment and give it a chance.


Thank you for that. It gives me some hope. In the middle of next week I will find out what my cancer team deems the best treatment for me. I then have to decide what I want. The waiting is unsettling when you want to get on with it, one way or another. Again. thank you.


Sorry to hear that. They will judge the treatment on your age,weight and if you have any medical history like heart disease etc. Also do you have a good support network partner, family friends to rely on. They will give you the best option. Be positive I know the waiting game is awful.

I had a an oesphagajectomy and it is a big op if you are opened up, losing 3 stone in weight. Chemotherapy is different for everyone some people sail through it, others get side affects.

Best wishes


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Thank you for your reply. It is always good to hear from others who have been through it. It helps to put things into perspective.


I was diagnosed at 72 now 80 and had op 6 months later, told beforehand it depended on what they found as to what they removed, I had chemo for 3 months before the op and had a total gastrectomy June 2012 so 7 years ago. Still have issues and lost lot of weight and stayed that way but I am still here. The consultant will determine the best course of action. I go to a patients group meeting 3 x year and meet people who have had the op 11, 13 years ago so remain positive and I do hope it all works out for you, It is strange not having a stomach but amazing how the body copes and adjusts to it. Wishing you all the best. Rob


What a success story! Thank you. It is giving me more incentive to hope. When my treatment plan of my cancer team will be revealed to me next week I will look at all my options again and decide. I am sure I will then want to ask you more questions, if I may.Thank you.


More than happy to help as much as I can, it is a scary time I know but what they can do today is amazing and my thoughts are with you. Do let us know how things go



My husband has stage 4 inoperable oesophagus and stomach cancer.he has had six sessions of chemotherapy and hardlysuffered any sickness and from purée food,is now able to eat normally .His last scan showed no change but stable.He has had three months treatment free and full of energy.Another scan due next week.He is 70. Good luck,whatever you decide .

Kind regards.



Thank you so much for that. To learn how others are faring helps to bring things into perspective. I know it is going to be an ordeal, whatever I choose to do, but I am ready to put on a fight. I hope your husband will remain stable. Every day is precious.


I had chemo nine years ago.My face felt a bit flushed,a bit of light head feeling,but all in all no big deal.Oh just remembered sometimes I did not feel too much like eating but peach flavored apple sauce always tasted great.I say go for it and all the best!


Thank you very much for that. You didn't say what the chemo was for. Was anything else done? Would be interested to know. I had breast cancer about 20 years ago and had an op, chemo and radiotherapy and got through it very well, but there are different kinds of drugs used for different cancers or even a cocktail of them. It is not so much the chemo I fear as an op because of my age. I do not even now at this stage whether the surgeon will consider it. I am feeding myself up as I was told to try gain some weight even if I don't feel like eating. Eggs cheese, cream cakes, chocolate buns - now, that is an invitation many people would love to indulge in - silver lining I suppose in dismal situation.

Hope you are keeping well.


I had esychipocal cancer,sorry about the spelling.I had it removed.Did great for two days afterwards but then I became seriously sick from infection.Was not expected to live but somehow pulled through.I spent a total of 75 days in the hospital.I guess the point I am trying to make is that every time you go under the knife there Is risk envolved.Make your peace with God if you choose surgery and I will pray for you.


PS ayayay my biggest issue today is I am packing on a lot of weight,lol!


Many of us have been faced with this news. What you do now is up to you. All I can do is tell you what I did. Check out YouTube for apricot kernels and cannabis oil.

God bless you


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