Constantly Coughing

Hi All,

Does anyone who suffers with Acid Reflux have a constant cough.

I had Nissen Fundoplication Surgery 2 years ago and was overall very happy but just recently I feel like I’ve got something stuck at the back of my throat and occasionally food comes back up.

I saw my GP on numerous occasions and had a Spirometry test which test for Asthma and COPD and that came back normal. My GP has now referred me back to my consultant for an Endoscopy but it’s just this awful cough that’s driving me insane.

I look forward to hearing from anyone who has similar symptoms or can suggest anything to stop me from coughing.

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  • I have had that but only now and again

  • Hi, I was diagnosed with Underactive thyroid (Hashi’s) and developed a cough-wouldn’t go away. Had it for a couple of years Did the rounds of consultants, X-rays etc. They thought it was asthma and put me on a puffer-didn’t change anything. They now say it was acid reflux due to a hernia in my osphergus (can’t spell!!). Calling it GORD . I was put on some medication but didn’t get on with it. I sleep with a lot of pillows-semi sitting , seems to help. For some reason the cough has mostly gone now but am left now with a feeling of a uncomfortable lump in my throat. Thyroid consultant says it’s not related to my thyroid - so at the moment just putting up with it and see what happens next!

    Some people discuss using a couple of spoons of Apple cider vinegar with water in the mornings to help, I haven’t tried that so can’t give you any feedback on it.

    Hope they can help you sort out the cause soon.

  • Thank You Crwbin1... it’s so frustrating I know... I’ve had the puffer too and didn’t change anything for me... it does sound like you have Acid Reflux too... have they suggested having an Op Nissen Fundoplication.. I had this done 2 years ago, I had Grade C Acid Reflux and Hiatus Hernia which did wonders for me but for some unknown reason it’s back again so now awaiting another endoscopy.

    I’m going to make a diary of foods I eat to see if it makes my cough any better or worse. I will give the Apple Cider Vinegar ago.. Thank You!

    I have that lump in my throat too and sometimes when I eat feels like I have something stuck.

    Thank You for replying and glad you’ve got your cough under control.

    Best Wishes

  • One of the possibilities could be that it is 'silent reflux' that is aspirating a bit into your lungs. I think I would try having liberal amounts of Gaviscon Advance to see if that makes a difference. This creates a foam barrier that tends to stop the reflux for a while. And try sleeping propped up with pillows, something under the head of the mattress. It might make no difference at all. But if it does stop your coughing it will be of great interest to the doctors trying to work out the underlying cause.

  • Thank You OPA_AlanM I was thinking along the same lines... I’ll try anything to stop the coughing!

    Thanks again

  • I get sore throats a lot and i have became addicted to honey. You could try honey for your cough or you have probably tried gargling with sea salt and warm water

  • Louncolcol Thank You very much I read someone selves post stating they tried manuka honey so I’ve started on that today.. will keep you updated to see if it helps

  • Yes please do keep me updated it must be awful coughing all the time. I get it time to time and often wake in the night when i'm having a bout of acid reflux. I keep some water with honey and ACV by my bed side

  • yes apparently the manuka is best less sugar etc more expensive i often treat myself to it.

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