Back pain post Ivor l surgery

Hi. I am 5 months post Ivor Lewis. Recovery coming on well , managed a weeks cruise in the Med. Couple of episodes of ' dumping ' but otherwise ok. One thing is a continuous problem though and that is back pain. Try not to take strong painkillers due to side effects and rely on paracetamol. Any suggestions . Physiotherapy,swimming ?

Thanks Bill.

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  • I have been going to yoga & Pilates to strengthen my muscles & stretch me out, I seem to have shrunk. That seems to help a lot. Check with your medical team but mine encouraged me & I love it, even after a few weeks I feel the benefit, better posture, stronger tummy muscles when I cough.



  • The back part of the op takes the longest to heal, also I couldn't lift my arms for months, this is the biggest op they do I was told and takes at least nine months to recover

  • Hi there 15mths post op still get pain in scar in back and under arm. Nerve endings have to repair and takes time. I got in touch with Macmillan in my area that offered 12 sessions free to use at my local gym or classes. You have a one to one with a qualified Macmillan instructor who gives you a form to feel in before half way through and end of sessions. I did do Pilates but also given exercises for the gym to strengthen my right side. I have also met other cancer people through it and we meet up regularly. I did have some physio exercises using a rubber band. Swimming aggravated my back Good Luck


  • My recovery was aided by walking as much as I could and that helped back muscles recover. The other problem was my right arm which I couldn't lift above the horizontal. I found that lifting it once to the "agony" point and then doing so again 2-3 times helped me regain it; but it took 6 months. But walking as much and as fast as I could worked for my back and generally.

  • Hi folks thanks for the tips. I will give them all a try .

    Kind regards


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