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Back pain post Ivor l surgery


Hi. I am 5 months post Ivor Lewis. Recovery coming on well , managed a weeks cruise in the Med. Couple of episodes of ' dumping ' but otherwise ok. One thing is a continuous problem though and that is back pain. Try not to take strong painkillers due to side effects and rely on paracetamol. Any suggestions . Physiotherapy,swimming ?

Thanks Bill.

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I have been going to yoga & Pilates to strengthen my muscles & stretch me out, I seem to have shrunk. That seems to help a lot. Check with your medical team but mine encouraged me & I love it, even after a few weeks I feel the benefit, better posture, stronger tummy muscles when I cough.



The back part of the op takes the longest to heal, also I couldn't lift my arms for months, this is the biggest op they do I was told and takes at least nine months to recover

Hi there 15mths post op still get pain in scar in back and under arm. Nerve endings have to repair and takes time. I got in touch with Macmillan in my area that offered 12 sessions free to use at my local gym or classes. You have a one to one with a qualified Macmillan instructor who gives you a form to feel in before half way through and end of sessions. I did do Pilates but also given exercises for the gym to strengthen my right side. I have also met other cancer people through it and we meet up regularly. I did have some physio exercises using a rubber band. Swimming aggravated my back Good Luck


My recovery was aided by walking as much as I could and that helped back muscles recover. The other problem was my right arm which I couldn't lift above the horizontal. I found that lifting it once to the "agony" point and then doing so again 2-3 times helped me regain it; but it took 6 months. But walking as much and as fast as I could worked for my back and generally.

Hi folks thanks for the tips. I will give them all a try .

Kind regards


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