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I'm new here and would like any info' re hyperplasia


I apologise in advance for the long post but I am beside myself with worry. I am a 68 year old, female, I have B12 deficiency, had a parathyroid adenoma (benign) removed last year, historical hyperthyroidism (now slightly low), a history of iron deficient anaemia, first diagnosed with gastritis in 2009, recently diagnosed hiatus hernia and previous long term PPI treatment prescribed. I have recently been given a histology report after an OGD when biopsies were taken - the senior general medical doctor said he didn't know what it meant and he would have to take advice on it and to come back to him in 3 months. I am concerned that I need to see a specialist before this as the report stated -

1. Duodenal mucosa normal,

2. Antral mucosa with moderate chronic inactive gastritis including lymphocytic aggregates and focal small nests of neuroendocrine cells suggestive of neuroendocrine hyperplasia which cut out on deeper levels (this specimen was reviewed at the hospital intradepartmental pathology conference and clinicopathalogical and radiological correlation was advised)

3.Cardia mucosa with hyperplastic inflammatory polypoid changes and with moderate chronic inflammation and lymphoid aggregates.

I had part of my cervix removed many years ago and so am familiar with the terms hyperplasia, dysplasia etc and know that some treatment should be offered and given, or, at the very least a treatment plan should be discussed. I am terrified of this becoming aggressive cancer and would like any information you can offer as to what could be my next steps - contact my GP and ask him to arrange an appointment (and with whom, gastrologist, cancer specialist etc), write to the hospital doctor asking him to refer me to a specialist, wait the 3 months or pay to see someone (but who?)

I do a lot of research and know that this kind of thing is not a straightforward situation and that etiology has a lot to do with outcomes and prognosis and that I will need specialist input at some point.

Apologies for the long ramble, and if someone could offer anything that might aid me I would be most grateful.

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Hi, you will get some really useful advice via this site. I can't help myself, but rest assured someone will, soon. All the best. Maisie


I can quite understand your concern, notwithstanding that these cell changes can sometimes be for a variety of reasons, and more tests might be required so that the doctors can work out what is best to do, if any treatment is indeed required. I do not think the doctor would have asked you to come back in three months if there was any question of needing urgent investigation or treatment in their mind, but it does sound like you need a specialist's opinion.

I think going to your GP and asking for some advice in interpreting the report is a good idea. Possibly the point of referral could be somebody in the same team as the author of this report? These reports are written in medical language for other doctors to interpret, and inevitably there is concern and anxiety when we patients read them. It may just be a natural reflection of what you know already about the conditions you have.


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