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Morning all. I am a new poster and I just wanted to know if you all have post op scans etc. My hubby is one of the lucky ones who had surgery for pre chemo T3 N2 M0 post op T2N3M0. He is now 20months post diagnosis and 16months post surgery. He had his surgery at Heartlans hospital in Birmingham. He has recovered well eating has got better over last couple of months as long as he doesn't eat and drink at the same meal!! My question is that we were told that he won't have any scans and he is on 6 monthly phone calls to check on him. Do others not have scans or is it just birmingham ????? He had a ct scan a week after surgery but that was to check healing and he had an R0 resection and then post op chemo. He is now back working and we are enjoying life (although I still have it in my mind all the time) he just gets on with it !!!! Any stories of post op follow ups appreciated thanks x

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  • Hello, I am now about 3 and a half years post op and now just on annual check ups. To start with I was 3 months then 6 months check ups. At the appointment they just weighed me for their records, just to make sure I wasn't losing weight and then just asked me if I was ok, or having any problems. I have never had any post op scans, I think they would only do them if there were any particular problems. Very glad to hear your husband is doing so well. Best wishes to you both

  • Hi, I am now over 7 years post op and have regular (yearly) checks with my surgeon but not had any scans since I left hospital, so he is not alone. 😀

  • Sounds as if he is doing well. I've never had a post op scan and was discharged from follow up appointments 15yrs ago. They do see me, if I have a problem without waiting too long. So enjoy your new lease of life and best wishes sally

  • Like other replies, I had surgery 5 years ago. To start with it was monthly then 3 monthly then 6 monthly and finally yearly check ups with the consultant. I was weighed and then had a general chat with him. I enquired at my 5 yearly (in Feb) about more check ups and why don`t they do scans/endoscopies.

    At the 5 year point I was discharged from Worcester hospital and told if I needed to speak or see him phone up. As for endoscopies because they had removed all the cancer and the valve there was no need to do any.

    My clinical nurse told me that it is always at the back of your mind wondering if everything is ok, the same as brain says yes eat some more but an hour later `I shouldn`t have had that bit more`.

    Our surgery is quite invasive and because we can`t see it we worry (not like a broken arm, etc) Your husband has the right attitude `just get on with it` In 5 years post op I went back to running a Cub pack after 3 months and took them camping after 4 months (retiring this year after 25 years). Been on 3 cruises, had a family holiday abroad, made loads of wooden toys for the grandkids. Moved house in Sept 16 so keeping busy with that.

    Enjoy your new lease on life, take the bad days with the good and enjoy each day as it comes.

  • I declined the offer of regular scans after my surgery (10 years ago), because I didn't want to keep putting myself through the agony of waiting for the results. My understanding, however, is that it is no longer standard practice to do 6 monthly or annual scans, because the scans themselves can do harm. I even stopped going back for check ups after three years, because all they did was ask me how I was, and I felt fine.

  • Hi , I am nearly 5 yrs post op, I asked about a scan on my first outpatients visit and was given one , since then all I have is 6 monthly full blood tests and a chat with either the oncologist or the surgeon, everything is going fine and realy living life to the full (even started my own decorating busness 4 yrs ago ) and go abroad twice a year ,, looking forward to quite a few more years yet .

  • I had surgery 10 January 2015. Had follow-up every 3 months with Oncologist and Surgeon for first year. Now out to 6 months checkup. I've had 3 scans - both pet and cat scans since the surgery.

    I've asked for these scans and have had no push back

    I went private for the surgery and the follow up stuff - perhaps this is why they've been responding

  • Hospitals do vary on this, and they take into account the patients themselves and their individual situations. So you may not get regular scans 'just to tell you that you do not have any cancer any more', but the other side of the coin is that if there are problems, the patients themselves initiate the follow up, either because they are feeling that something is not right, or they have a specific digestion problem, say. In some ways this is better in that a talk through various issues with the nurse by phone can save a lot of time and travelling; and if an appointment is necessary, it can be with a dietician, gastroenterologist or surgeon according to what kind of issue is raised.

    The residual worries about it 'coming back' are there regardless I'm afraid, but do not underestimate either the effect of the mental stress and coming to terms with everything that you have been through. Having to talk properly to a professional to get things straight in your mind afterwards for carers and patients is very normal, and a good percentage of people value this. Some need some help with depression afterwards in the form of medication. Again, this is quite normal for a percentage of patients. When you are in the middle of treatment and going backwards and forwards to hospital appointments, there often seems no real opportunity to talk things through and come to terms with everything. Sometimes this catches up with you afterwards, especially when the cancer has been caught early and treated successfully before one feels ill with it. You tend to get all the after-effects that give you problems and wonder whether it was worth it at times when one 'ought' to feel grateful. But that is quite normal to feel that way from time to time.

  • I'm four and a half years post op , in my case they do a " tumour marker" blood test on my check ups which are now yearly.

    No scans post op , but two endoscopes

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