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My GP saw me yesterday to discuss my progress since my IL in March. It was very thorough and looked at the scans and gastroscopy I had in June. Both were clear. I mentioned my breathing was occasionally difficult when sitting down but no problems when out walking. She demonstrated how my stomach was now much higher and that when sitting it was pushed up a little. I do get pain around scar and in middle of my chest but not enough to necessitate pain killers. I found the interview really helpful and she has always urged me to adopt a positive attitude which I have.

I have one question which is about statins. For ten years I was on stains with no side effects. The surgeon and Oncologists told me to stop taking them because of the DVT

and the fact that I am on warfarin for life. Derby calls everyone over 70 for a scan of the aorta. Mine 2 years ago was 3.5. If it reaches over 5 it is considered a risk. I suppose it is just a case of my wondering if by not taking statins I may not be helping myself. Mind you I have not missed taking them. Presently I take one omeprazole each morning and have two protein drinks a day. I am eating much better and really life is good. This forum is excellent.


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Dear Andrew

That is really good to hear that the session with the GP was so helpful.

I do not now anything about statins, but if the surgeon and oncologist have advised stopping taking them, that definitely sounds like the thing to do! As I understand it, they are really to prevent future heart / stroke problems but they do not suit everybody, and you can always ask the GP about them in the future if you are concerned.

Glad you are making such good progress.


Thank you Alan. I have not taken statins for over a year now. Warfarin due to blood clots after chemo and heparin injections for nearly four months. Clots on lung cleared quickly but clot in my lower left leg led to the decision to put me on warfarin. As you say I can always talk to GP in the future but meanwhile will follow oncologist and surgeons decision.



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