After radiotherapy for oesophageal cancer

Had 9 wks EOX chemo, then operation to remove all stomach & some of my throat.

Had radiotherapy 5 wks combined with more chemo had to stop the chemo drugs due to nausea & diarrhoea radio was completed Monday just gone. I am in pain, it's gotten worse, I am not able to eat or drink more then a few sips of water without massive pain in my chest. The fact sheet I got given explains it may get worse for 7-10 days before it gets better but I am worried about dehydration. I am already very tired & weak & have a dizzy spell most times when I stand up.

Should I persevere & keep sipping, or should I call the hospital?

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  • Call the hospital! I would phone the ward sister myself. Hope someone with more experience replies soon, but this is my uninformed response.

  • I agree with Seagull . .you must call the hospital or your dedicated G I nurse . That's what they are there for to support and advise you . .I also have had my stomach removed in July so am still having various problems especially with eating . .I ring my G.I.nurse quite a lot and my dietician who are always willing to help . My advice is to get all the help you can . don't delay . ..

  • Call the hospital. They will know what to do. Good luck


  • The road will be hard at first and full recovery will take several years. i had stage 3, i had my stomach removed 5 years ago and had pre and post op chemo. It was tough but five years on I am fully healthy and cancer free (although 4 stone lighter but that actually is a benefit !)

    best regards


  • I went through something similar--couldn't swallow anything except tiny sips of water due to burning pain in my throat. I had to go in for IV fluids daily and since I didn't know how long it would last I scheduled a surgery to get a feeding tube as a temporary measure. You have to get fluids so I wouldn't hesitate to call to get that daily. It did make all the difference!

  • Call the hospital! We are all different and our bodies act differently depending on age, weight etc. I had the same op mine was late stage T4 tumour on the join of the two. Had bad time in hospital 10 days I.C.U. finally got out after 4 weeks surgeon would not let me have the feeding tube out (I weighed under 7 stone) It is really hard in time and good support you will learn to live with your new body. Good Luck!

  • I agree with the others. I had a bad reaction to post-op chemotherapy (9 years ago), called the hospital and was taken in and put on a drip. It probably saved my life.

  • I called hospital, they prescribed oramorph. The following day I was still not able to eat and drinking was becoming impossible so I got my sister to take me to A&E. they admitted me on the Sunday and released me last Friday. Still having some issues, latest one is lazaprazole causing me to wretch and gas but I am eating an drinking which is a bonus.

    Thank you to all for your advice.

  • Go directly to the hospital do not pass go and do not collect £200 they will need to put a line into you to re-hydrate you but seriously do not delay.


  • I did go back to hospital and they put me on a drip and I stayed for a wk. I ended up back in over Christmas but I am now at home, very skinny, but eating and drinking quite well and (touch wood) in no discomfort. Bile had irritated the radiation and surgical scar. Medication to coat it helped and also staying on a soft diet for a lot longer. Note to,self, do not try to run before you have mastered walking!

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