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BLOOD & Burr Cells More Than Incidental pin prick .. Blood Smear Finding's

BLOOD & Burr Cells More Than Incidental pin prick .. Blood Smear Finding's

Yes there is some debate IF and or BURR CELLs are of any diagnostic relevance with regard BLOOD test ... Luckily I have compound microscope SO am able to look at what is going on with my blood "within reason" pin prick blood smear.

Anyway given my own problems it as been very interesting and a worry on occasion with relation to my rank blood cells and trying to identify them.

But finally I think I have gotten to bottom of issues with my blood cells "picture above" :o

Picture on right is what I believe to be Burr Cell Uremia at 1000x Magnification. I often wondered why my heart would just play up and why doctors would ask if am drinking enough & telling me to only drink drinks that don't dehydrate me.


I could go on about all sorts of blood cells I.e Target cells even Mexican hat cells and those Sickle cells as consequence of spo2 issues lung dieases and cell fragmintasion pulmary hypertension in my opinion and there consequences with relation to my various conditions.


But I am going to save my self and readers ... and just go on about Burr Cells More Than Incidental Blood Smear Finding when accompanied by stomach abdominal pain issues.

Given my resent investigation and abdominal stomach issues .. could be feature of pin prick blood smear be telling me what's going on if only the presence of Burr cells Echinocytes was given more clinical significant given my G.I symptoms.

But am I being unfair All I know I had abdomen ultrasound year ago for my stomach issues re pain SO did my doctors know more than I did at that time.

Burr cells picture on left are Echinocytes with one or more spiny projections on the periphery.

These cells are seen in lots of Gi Issues such as uremim, acute blood loss, cancer of the stomach etc.

As to the Blue Looking Cell on picture on right that can be tired Bone Marrow or Disease Infiltrates we have talked about here and picture illustrated.

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This shows how some of the biopsies and similar procedures identify different types of cells.

We do rely on the people with microscopes doing the detailed analysis for Barrett's oesophagus, dysplasia and cancer cells, and we would be in a sorry state without their skill and expertise!

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Hi OAP_AlanM

Defo agree there never stops amazing me ... Might seem a strange hobby esp with being diseased my self but what better specimen.

Obviously my doctors don't approve of my hobby BUT what can one do when limited in what they can do.

Is truly amazing how you can see crystals urine from your lynthatic system even to a allergy reaction all in the confines of a blood drop

As with most things in life there is more questions than answers and that's what makes me thankful to ongoing research ... After all with No questions would there be any answers.

Is truly amazing how stuff biopsies are anilized like you say .. Take for example lung tissue WHY dose that go black on a slide with in hour BUT skin of your FEET can be on slide for ever or as near befour it go's black

What is in lung tissue that causes is it to go black that is not in skin on our feet ... Theses are questions I feel go along way with helping us understand and even cure diseases.


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