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I need help!

I am not actually an oesophageal patient. I undergo appendectomy last 3 years. I have gastritis for atleast 5 years(if I'm not mistaken). I am only 15 years old. I am a girl. I like barbecued foods. I also like salty foods. I suffered constipation to the point that there is also blood but now, It turned to a slight diarrhea. my stool now is darker than before. sometimes, I feel heartburn. sometimes, when I inhale deeply, my chest hurts. last night, I started vomiting. my family has medical history about cancer like brain tumor, breast cancer, and colon cancer. I think that I have stomach cancer but I don't want to consult a doctor. Do you think that it is possible that I have cancer?

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Camille, no one except a Doctor, and some tests, can tell you if you have cancer. I'm sure you know that.

But there is something wrong. The worst part of being unwell is the worrying and wondering what to do.

Your problem might be lots of things, it could be serious, or not serious. Maybe you're worrying unnecessarily. BUT YOU WONT KNOW UNTIL YOU SEE A GOOD DOCTOR. Don't say you don't want to see a Doctor, that's childish, and you're almost a grown woman. And you'll feel so much better when you've seen him, just knowing you've done the sensible thing. So see a Doctor soon, and let us know what he says.

I'm sending you a big hug.



I agree with patchworker, you should definitely go and see your doctor because you may well have no cause to worry. You're obviously afraid of finding out that you have cancer - but you're not afraid to find out that you haven't got it, are you? How are you going to find anything out if you don't go to the doctors? The way to get rid of your worries and fears is to be brave and face up to them. Once you've told the doctor that you're afraid of what it might be you'll be on the way to finding out what is 'actually' wrong with you, then whatever it is, can be dealt with. There are several things that may be causing or contributing to, your present problems and you need to find out 'from a doctor' what they are - do NOT, simply google your symptoms, you'll only end up frightening yourself even more. Chin up girl, be brave and get it done - and please, let us know how you get on, good luck.


I haven't seen a doctor yet. I stopped vomiting so I don't have excuse to say to my family that i should see a doctor. i can't tell them that i am thinking about those things. I am sure that they will scold me for this.


If you're reluctant to speak to your family about your worries perhaps you could go to your school nurse or medical officer instead. They are used to hearing about all manner of problems and worries so you shouldn't feel awkward or embarrassed about approaching them. Failing that, then I suggest you make an appointment to see your doctor on your own - I know that isn't an ideal solution but if you tell no-one then no-one can help you.


i already texted my doctor. she said that i should see her. i will go to her clinic tomorrow. i didn't tell her yet about my worries on the stomach cancer. i just told her if the symptoms vary on my gastrtis. my auntie also know about my conversation with my doctor.


Well done Camille! You must remember to tell the doctor about all of your symptoms and about anything else that's worrying you. It's good to know that your auntie is aware of things too, perhaps you'll be able to share your worries with her, if you need to. By taking that first step you've put yourself (rather than your worries) back in control of your situation - try not to let them over rule your common sense again. I hope all goes well for you, and please do let us know how you get on.


i went to my doctor then she said that its my gastritis. i didnt told her yet about my worries. i will see her again on saturday. i wish that i could tell her already.


If the doctor said that its gastritis that's causing your problems you shouldn't still be worrying but since you are, you musn't miss your next opportunity to tell her when you see her on Saturday. (You're very lucky, to be able to see your doctor on a Saturday). Tell her everything about what's been worrying you, and don't be afraid of saying you thought you had cancer. Lots of people worry - 'wrongly', about having cancer so don't be frightened to admit it, she'll probably have heard it many times before and will be able to put your mind at rest


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