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Nearly a year on from surgery I notice a bulge just below breastbone ,just under middle of my " rooftop " scar .Anyone else got this ?

I had a trans hiatial op leaving a a scar just under my rib cage . The bulge is in the middle and I presume it's where the new oespageous meets the pulled up remainder of stomach .

It's something I've only just noticed and I'm really conscious of it and can feel it if I don't sit completely straight up .

Anyone else got this ? Maybe it's a result of my boiled sweet habbit -)

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I have had it since op 4 years ago.Doesnt cause any bother hope that helps


Not unusual it seems. I too have that and also only really noticed it well after the operation. I had an Ivor Lewis procedure and I agree, it seems to be right in the middle. It does not bother me, but what does bother me is the dumping issue. I do not seem to be able to get the right combination. I suspect that sugar one way or another plays a significant role.


Is it scar tissue?


Thank you for the replies . I was a little freaked out when I noticed it !

Johndee sorry the dumping is still an issue ,not fun I know . It can vary a lot ,from person to person ,and from day to day so I know it's hard to get a handle on .

With me I've noticed it's not just what I eat but what activity I've carried out that makes a difference . A busy/active few hours will leave me more susceptible to dumping .

Hope it settles down for you .


I too have that lump, I believe it's where the join up all the ab muscles plus scarring/gristle...nothing to worry about. Always worth asking your surgeon if you're concerned.


I had a bulge too that disappeared when I stood up straight and pulled in my stomach muscles and it turned out to be an incisional hernia - basically my scar had come apart internally and I had to have another operation to repair it where they used a mesh thing to reinforce the original scar. If its very big or it's causing you concern then either speak to your surgeon about it next time you have a check up or even go see your GP - mine was the one who diagnosed mine. I understand finding a lump very near the place you had a tumour removed is very concerning so maybe just get it checked out - fingers crossed it's either nothing at all or it's like mine and you just need your insides popping back in again!!


Thanks spanner .

It is quite a big bulge rather than a lump and it has appeared quite suddenly .

I have a clinic appt in a few weeks and will try and mention it then . I just hate to make a fuss and to be thought of as always complaining .

Oh well ,guess if it's nothing they wont care ,and if it is something they will .

Did you have any pain or symptoms with yours ?


I think spanner16's advice is spot on.

Do make a fuss.The NHS has invested many thousands of pounds in your cure ... it would be a shame to waste it !


Thanks gutlesswonder . It's hard to find a balance between regarding myself as past the cancer bit and into my body readjusting and taking note of what's actually going on .

I've always tended to be someone who ignores things and carries on ,often the best way I think . Especially now when it would be so easy to worry about everything . But of course the dx was a shock ,though after years of acid reflux it shouldn't have been .


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